Crawl Space Damage – Important Signs to Keep in Mind

Usually, the homeowners spend a massive amount of money and time on things they can see every day. It includes their rooms, the home exterior, furniture, and many more. And this doesn’t make them realize that when they avoid the crawl space, it can result in structural damages in the house. Furthermore, it can also lead to health issues in the house.

Do you have a moisture-laden crawl space up for repair and which got neglected for long? If yes, your repair expenses might increase manifold. It leads to respiratory issues, as well. When you have a well-kept vapor-barrier, your crawl space will benefit and can do away with other problems. To know more about this, you can get connected with Kansas City basement waterproofing experts.

The warning signs to look out for

It is always better to recognize the root cause of crawl space issues before it takes a bad shape. However, for this, you first need to take a look at the damaging signs. Some of the most tell-tale signs of crawl space damage are as follows:

  • Standing water

There is standing water present in the crawl space, which indicates moisture and needs repair.

  • Peeling the external paint

The moisture results in peeling of paints that result in maximizes maintenance issues.

  • HVAC issues

If the crawl space ventilation vent has ruts, it indicates that there’s an issue with the crawl space.

  • Pest control issues

Moisture welcomes in pests of all kinds! With humidity, there are mosquitoes, termites, rats, and various other pests. And it can result in plumbing and wood damage as well as health issues.

  • Mildew and mold growth

You can find both mildew and mold on the crawl space walls and flooring. When you leave it unattended, it can result in various health issues.

  • Foul smell

Are you confused about the foul smell that’s present close to your house? Iy might indicate that your crawl space has long-standing water as well as moisture. 

  • Increased random levels

Increased random levels result in severe health problems! You can get a complete home and crawl space inspection done and ensure that your house doesn’t have increased random levels.

  • Rotten wood

Did you find rotten wood in the crawl space ceiling? If yes, then you can attribute it to a moisture issue, which you need to settle correctly.

  • Rusted pipes

You will find rusted pipes inside a crawl space when a particular crawl space has issues. The rust occurs because of moisture within.

  • Efflorescence

It is the crystalline sedimentation of the salts that’s present on a stone, concrete, stucco and brick surface. It takes place when water gets accumulates in the masonry surface. The water sparkles. Efflorescence at times comes in a grey and white tint.

  • Health issues

Does anyone in your family have physical discomforts like asthma, cluster headaches, allergies, respiratory problems, and the like? If yes, then mildew and mold growth can aggravate the issue resulting in growing underneath your house.

These are some of the crucial signs of crawl space damage. You can remedy the same as well. For that, you have to choose the best waterproofing solution company.

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