Do you know much about cracker barrel rocking chairs? If you are reading this, I can categorize you in three ways.

You may come across the classy chairs from your friend and you loved them, you have plans to buy a cracker barrel rocking chairs or you have ordered the chairs and you are passing time before they get delivered.

Whatever your case may be, you are in the right place and your intention will invite several benefits. You only need to dedicate your time reading this and get to know everything about cracker barrel chairs especially the rustic design.

Background of Cracker Barrel Rocking Chairs

Do you know the origin of Cracker Barrel Rocking Chairs? You should know that these chairs have a long history and are not modern inventions.

The current Cracker Barrel Rocking chairs we have today are modifications of earlier versions. History has it that these chairs surfaced in 1766 with unproven claims of Benjamin Franklin being their inventor.

These chairs are known to be US-based. Cracker barrel rocking chairs are made of wood and have two curved shaped armrests fixed at the bottom of the legs to hold each other.

One of the most distinctive features of cracker barrel rocking chairs is that they touch the floor with only the bottom curved surface hence letting the person swing by either moving forward or backward using their feet and the applied motion.

Rocking chairs rose so fast and became popular back in the 19th century, the modern ones we have today have only undergone minor modifications.

Today, rocking chairs are taking the furniture world at super speed. Though they are modifications of their predecessors they provide more comfort and a nicer look

Benefits of buying Rocking Chairs

There are several benefits that you are going to enjoy after buying rocking chairs. Some of the benefits include:

  • Affordable prices
  • Sleek design
  • Extremely durable
  • High-quality assembly
  • Best material

Types of Cracker Barrel Chairs

There are different types of rocking chairs. We should know some of the different types and characteristics of the available chairs.

Here are some of the types of rocking chairs available in the market today:

  • Chairs that you will assemble alone
  • Chairs that are fully assembled
  • Child rocking chairs
  • Chairs that have a military coat of arms

Chairs that you will assemble alone

This type of rocking chair is very common in US homes that are financially average. When you choose this type as your desired rocking chair and order it, they will deliver its parts.

The delivered parts are always worth your money and you will love them upon seeing. You will have to choose your favorite color between white or hardwood color. The high-quality parts of the rocking chair will be very easy to assemble alone.

You will find 13 parts of the chair, a manual guide on how to assemble the chair, and some hardware tools that will be necessary when fixing the chair.

You will not find the installation difficult for it will only be about 30-45 minutes of fixing a chair or even less than if you are smarter.

Price aside! Are you worried about their durability? These chairs will be worthier than your money and comfort. They will be able to serve you for a very long time without frequent maintenance and breakdowns.

Chairs that are fully assembled

Are you looking for extra comfort and a premium sensation? If so, then this type should be your preferred choice.

This type of chairs will be delivered at your doorstep fully assembled at an affordable price ranging from $149 to $359. You will get cushioning and be able to choose from a variety of colors available.

This type of chair is fully assembled by the company expert and is of great quality. You will also notice that dimensions of rocking chairs vary and are determined by your wish.

You will also enjoy the discounts that are ever available. Be sure to get a good deal buying these chairs at Cracker Barrel.

However, you need to know that for the case of an already assembled rocking chair, it can only be delivered in the US mainland and can’t be delivered overseas.

Child rocking chairs

Do you want your kid to have a feeling of a rocking chair too? Well, there are smaller rocking chairs that will be suitable for your kid.

Your kid’s safety when using the rocking chairs is highly taken care of. The chairs have less curved bottoms and are more oriented. This design will make sure your kid is safe.

You don’t need to be worried about the age of your kid. The rocking chairs come with common dimensions that will perfectly suit kids of all ages.

The cost for a child rocking chair online will go for about $120 and perhaps be discounted to $99.

You will be able to choose between a painted white and hardwood painted rocking chair for your kid. Here are the common dimensions for all child rocking chairs: Height-30.5 inches, Width- 20 inches, and Depth-24 inches.

Chairs that have a military coat of arms

Do you love armed forces? If so, this may be a chance to show your love for them.

The Cracker Barrel also shows so much love for the armed forces and designs several rocking chairs for various army branches.

The current branches of the armed forces that have been represented in rocking chairs include:

  • Army
  • Air Force
  • Marine Corps
  • Coast Guard

The chairs perfectly match the colors of each military branch. You will love the quality and sleek design of the chairs.

You will also notice the coat of arms placed at the top of the chair of every military branch. You will part with about $199.99 for every rocking chair that represents any military branch.

You should note that the price cuts across every rocking chair that represents any military branch. These chairs are delivered fully assembled and cannot be delivered in parts.

You can have them delivered to Alaska, Canada, and Hawaii through freight.


It’s a good thought to buy a rocking chair; you will realize that the chair is worthier than the price.

Long-lasting, high-quality and sleek design are some of the popular descriptions for Cracker Barrel rocking chairs.

















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