Cozy Up for a Night in with a Bath Bomb

Having recently spent most of your time indoors, you might be thinking that your night routine is getting a little too dull- you thought you wanted to spice things up a bit.

Whether you decide to plan something intimate with particular people or just want to make your alone time extra rewarding, a good dip is almost always a good idea. It’s super easy to personalize, probably more than you can imagine!

A bath is more than just about hygiene. Here are some ideas to make your evening dip the most exciting part of your night in.

Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

Keep in mind that the goal is to make yourself extra pampered. Seize the experience, go ahead, and get your tiny spa ready!

  • Declutter or redecorate a little.
  • You can opt for candles instead of your light bulbs. It immediately affects the mood!
  • Make a playlist of songs that helps you loosen up.
  • Prepare clean towels or robes for you to use afterward.

Have a Blast!

The bath bomb has been gaining popularity for plenty of reasons. These globes smell and feel just as good as they look! Throw it in your tub after filling it with warm water, and let it do its thing.

Watching the bomb dance and fizzle in the water is so satisfying (and Instagram-worthy) already. It’s almost therapeutic- but that is only the beginning. As it melts, the room would then be filled with delightful scents, which instantly sets the ambiance!

There are now many scents available for various purposes, so choosing one according to your mood is also important. For instance, since we’re talking about an evening bath, you can use one with a calming and sleep-inducing aroma like lavender.

To further enhance your experience, you can add a few drops of your preferred essential oil into the water beforehand.

Ready, Set, Hop!

Now that all is set, you can now enjoy the fruit of your efforts. Get refreshed in there, soak your worries away, and let yourself savor this new experience!

It’s best to stay in the tub for at least 15-20 minutes for you to reap most of its benefits. This goes beyond its cleaning purposes. Such kind of bath has skin hydrating and detoxifying properties that would leave your skin feeling silky smooth all over.

Get Cozy

Ah, you’re starting to feel that nourishment along with the music. If you simply want to indulge in the puddle of moisture and aroma, go and just close your eyes. Set a timer in case you fall asleep; we won’t blame you.

It might be a good idea to stay away from screens for this moment, so if you want to do something on the side, maybe bring that book you never got to finish because of your busy life. Since you’re a VIP tonight, you can even bring snacks and drinks of your choice if you’d like!

Once you’ve climbed out of the tub, make the most out of what that the soak has given you. Seal the moisture in your skin by applying some lotion. Now you can get back to your duties feeling renewed, or just head for that deep and peaceful slumber!


We live in a fast-paced world where relaxation is considered a luxury, so we often overlook how important it is to level up our self-care routine from time to time. Thankfully, a warm bath is very doable and is associated with relieving stress and tension.

This was meant to remind you that you can reward yourself even with a tiny amount of effort. You deserve it!