Countries That Demand Visas From US Travelers

Americans think the world revolves around them, and they are not wrong. The activities of the US have a global impact. They influence society politically, economically, and socially.

So it isn’t so surprising to realize that American travelers generally attract a modicum of deference wherever they go.

Which Countries Demand Visas from US Citizens?

The privilege that US travelers enjoy is seen most vividly in the fact that they do not require visas to enter a number of countries. These include Iceland, New Zealand, Mexico, and Canada, to mention but a few.

If you possess an American passport, you can walk right across the French border and you won’t encounter much in the way of opposition.

However, this privilege is not applicable everywhere. While the American passport holds a lot of power, there are still countries in the world that will require even US Citizens to present a visa. They include:

1. Australia

This often comes as a surprise. Australia and the US are on such good terms that you wouldn’t expect the country to demand an Australian ETA for American Citizens.

But they do. Any US citizen looking to enter Australia must apply for an Electronic Travel Authority. This is why exists. It helps Americans maneuver the complexities associated with securing an ETA.

An ETA is just electronic paperwork that authorizes a traveler to enter Australia. One can apply for this authorization online or through your airline of choice. You can also work with travel agents and the Visa offices to acquire your travel permission.

Anyone can apply for an ETA, but to get one, you must have a valid passport that is more than three months away from its expiration date, a medical document proving that you do not have any diseases that might threaten Australian society, and a clean criminal record.

Some people might be asked to prove their claims of good conduct by presenting a letter from a relevant figure such as an employer.

If your application is successfully processed, your ETA will eventually appear in your email. It shouldn’t take more than three days. attracts visitors by promising to simplify the ETA application process. They have qualified personnel on hand that you can contact at any point in time if you have a problem.

The people behind the website have a clear understanding of the Australian immigration system. So they will keep you on the straight and narrow path, making sure that you say and do all the right things to acquire your ETA in the time period you desire.

2. Vietnam

US citizens visiting Vietnam must apply for an electronic visa. The application costs money. But once you acquire the eVisa, it will permit you to stay in Vietnam for thirty days.

The amount of money you will be asked to pay for your visa will depend on factors like the length of time you wish to spend in the country. The eVisa is supposed to make the process of applying for and acquiring a visa easier.

And it achieves its objective because you can apply for an eVisa online. However, eVisas are only applicable to people who are flying into Vietnam. If you intend to travel over land or water, you must visit an embassy to initiate your application.

3. Bolivia

Bolivia expects US citizens to present a tourist visa upon arrival. You can apply for this document online so long as you have a passport photo, proof of your accommodations in the country, the funds you will use, and your departure ticket, to mention but a few.

US citizens have the option of applying for a Visa after they get to the border in Bolivia. But the process is slow and complicated and it involves so much paperwork. For this reason, Bolivia encourages US citizens to apply for their visas online ahead of time.

Yellow fever vaccination is mandatory.

4. India

American travelers can access India once they secure an e-visa. It will permit you to enter and then stay in India for thirty days. You can get an e-visa four days before you need to enter the country.

Expect the document to cost you one hundred dollars. India has a lot of rules governing the e-visa application process. You are encouraged to visit their website whenever you need to travel to India. That is the only way to remain abreast of any changes in the way they do things.

5. China

There is a difference between visiting China and visiting Hong Kong. Hong Kong permits Americans to cross its borders for free. No visas are required, and they can stay for ninety days.

That same leeway does not apply to the rest of China. You need an entry visa and you can only get one from the Embassy. Be sure to apply for one a month before your trip to the country.

A Chinese visa will set you back by $140.

6. Cuba

Cuba and the US have a very contentious relationship. However, Cuba still permits US Citizens to cross its borders. But you need to get your hands on a tourist visa card which one can apply for on the internet. If you can secure one, it will permit you to stay in Cuba for thirty days.

However, you are encouraged to visit the country’s website to better understand what your visit to Cuba will require and entail as an America citizen.

These are not the only countries that require US Citizens to present visas. You also have Russia, Nepal, and many more.

Brazil was initially included in that list. You had to spend $44 to acquire a two-year entry visa that one could apply for online. However, in 2019, the country removed this requirement.

It gave American travelers permission to cross its borders without a visa. The US was not the only country to benefit from this waiver. Brazil also extended this opportunity to travelers from Australia, Canada, and Japan.

Either way, US citizens no longer have to worry about the visa application process every time they visit Brazil.

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