Cost-Effective Home Maintenance and Improvement Tips to Revamp Your Home

Buying a home is one of the best long time investments you can ever have. Although it requires a lot of upfront investment, property value mostly rises with time. But, you can only reap the benefits when your property is in very good shape. A deteriorated home decreases in value instead of appreciating. Hence, effective and timely maintenance and improvement are critical if you plan to put your home for sale in the future.

Most homeowners do complain about the huge cost of home maintenance, which mostly discourages such efforts. It is rightly so because most property owners wait until things get worse before embarking on renovations. With that, the cost would definitely be high. The best practice is to ensure timely and planned maintenance schedules, some of which you can do yourself. Timely repair works like window fixing, garage door spring repair, sealing roof leaks, painting, and desilting clogged drainage systems, among others cost less and save you money in the long run. From freeing your space to adding up new items, here are some effective low-budget home maintenance and improvement tips to keep your home upgraded.

Maintenance Tips

Paint Gives Your Home a New Look

I don’t think you are happy seeing your home looking old with faded wall paints. Why don’t you breathe new life into it by pampering both the interiors and exteriors with nice paint? For the exterior wall painting, we would suggest you hire a professional painter to give the results you desire. With a few DIY tutorials, you can do some of the interior paintings yourself.

The paint colors you choose matter when it comes to achieving a luxurious interior design. Always choose a paint color that resonates with your lifestyle. For your living room, you can choose white paint to create a calm and serene environment. The different shades of green and blue are also good for painting hall walls. Don’t leave your bedrooms out, because they also deserve some love. No matter the color you choose, the most important thing is doing it well.

Check and Fix all Leakages

Roof leaks can cause molds on walls, destroy your paints, and in extreme cases can weaken your building. Why don’t you check and fix all these leaks before they cause major maintenance works. For minor leaks, you can use roofing tar to fix the problem. Major damages, including shingle replacements, may require an expert.

Check Your Windows and Doors

Lubricate your door hinges, and joints to stop the noise they make whenever you open and close your door. Also, check the screws and tighten loose ones. If you have door sweeps attacked to your main door, check them frequently to ensure it is well fixed or change them when needed. The doorknobs give you access to your rooms, so replace all faulty and broken ones before you get looked inside one day.

Window maintenance mostly depends on the type of window you are using. But the general rule of thumbs up is to ensure frequent cleaning, replacing worn-out parts, and lubricating the joints.

Your Bath Room Needs Love

The bathroom is one of the most important spaces in every home house. However, hardly do most homeowners think about giving the place a facelift. You can start with replacing leaking faucets to prevent water wastage. Coat the bathroom door and untiled areas of the bathroom walls with water repellent paint, and keep the floor dry after bathing.

For low-budget upgrades, you can install a cabinet to store your towels, soaps, and other cosmetics. A towel and sponge bar is also necessary for drying your items. If you have a little cash to spend, you can also install a bathroom ventilation fan to freshen up the area, and prevent molds.

Home Improvement Ideas

Use Crown Moldings

Crown molding adds beauty and a sort of uniqueness to your home when used for either interior or exterior designs. You can use them in capping your columns, cabinets, or ceiling joints, to make them look attractive. Such upgrades can add value to your home.

Upgrade Your Floor

You may not have enough money to retile your floors or change the vinyl, but what about adorning it with a nice carpet. Give your floor a fresh look by adding a new carpet to match your new painting.

Another option is to paint the floor in a pattern or single color. To ensure good bonding between the paint and floor, you may need to wash the floor thoroughly to do away with dirt and oil stains.

Lighten Up

Lighting your home is another low-budget method of upgrading your home. Firstly, adopt energy-saving bulbs and lighting systems. Your new lights should be fashionable to add beauty to your space. You can add a chandelier to your living room for decorative purposes.

Rearrange Your Space

Sometimes, all you need is to learn how to rearrange your room to make it look lively and beautiful. Your goal here is to make your space as free as possible and reposition the items and gadgets. Remove all unwanted or unused items taking up space. Your furniture must match the size of the space they are intended for, i.e. there should be enough space around after setting your furniture. 

For your living room, reposition your sofa by detaching them from the wall. You should also be a focal point to arrange your furniture around it.

Photo by Florian Schmidinger

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