Cool Ways To Decorate With Rustic Picture Frames

In the past, we probably saw picture frames as such boring accessories that you just had to hang up on the wall to show visitors the number of children you have or the different stages of achievement, of each family member. Even though the world has gone digital, photo frames have still maintained relevance and the ones that are beginning to win hearts are the rustic picture frames. These rustic picture frames are from rustic barn wood and help you achieve the warm and luxurious feel for your space. Here are unique tips on how to decorate with these rustic picture frames.

Add Gold Hardware

Rustic Picture frames are cool enough to light up any room. Not only are they enough, but they also provide enough room to spice up the frames and give it an entire look. For instance, you can add gold hardware or whatever hardware to the edges of the frames to enunciate the vibrant feel of it. Barnwood frames allow for you to request how you want your frames personalized which is a fresh option. You can also decide to throw in a little DIY on the frames and get visitors asking who your interior decorator is or how you got the cool frames.

Instagram Feed On Your Wall

You don’t have to limit your Instagram app to your mobile device. You can as well, bring your feed to your wall. There are cute cut rustic picture frames which allow you to put moment pictures in, and arranged in whatever grid format you desire on your wall. Still on the Instagram feed decoration, instead of going for multiple little rustic picture frames, you can go for one large one with clothesline and pin inside it, where you can hang your printed pictures.


Yes, you can layer your rustic picture frames. You don’t even have to have pictures in the frames, but these different variations of wood, when layered up, can be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. You see, and you can tell that the house has a cool fireplace. If you are worried about your walls, don’t be. They are light enough to be layered.

Photo Hanger

Instead of having a whole four-cornered frame designed for you, you can request for something different when getting you rustic picture frames. You could opt for a twig-like frame on which you can hang lines of memorable pictures using something close to a fishing line. This would be appropriate for a creative space.

The Ledge

One final cool way to decorate your space with these elegant rustic picture frames is to design picture ledges for them. Using rough ledges and rustic picture frames would be like syncing the entire aesthetics of the house or space to have the woody feel. You can as well get scented candles and diffusers that smell of wood. Ledges give a new way of putting pictures up instead of hanging pictures the typical way. They also create a proper 3D effect for your room and can be easily replaced.

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