Controlling Dog Hair in Your Home

Dogs can easily enhance your life. They help reduce stress, encourage exercise, and illicit laughter. When you have dogs, however, you may feel like you clean all the time. Most dogs shed regularly. If you have trouble keeping up with the dog hair removal, you may need to try a few new tactics. With a little planning and the right tools, you minimize the dog hair in your home. 


Dogs naturally shed, especially during different seasons. Some breeds have undercoats to protect them from different weather conditions. If you have concerns about shedding, you can research the breed before you choose a dog for your family. You can reduce shedding by grooming your dog properly. Grooming techniques include brushing, trimming, and bathing. You can find many brushes that help to remove excess fur. Many dogs enjoy the feel of a good brushing, as well. You can find great deals on brushes with Chewy promo codes

Choose the Right Tools

Other than brushes and shampoos, you need several tools to combat dog hair on household surfaces. Whether you have hard floors or carpet, a high-quality vacuum specifically intended for pet hair can save the day. You can find a wide variety of cordless vacuums with detachable parts for cleaning the furniture. You may also consider a robot vacuum to keep things tidy throughout the day. 

Helpful items to keep around the house also include brooms, lint rollers, extra blankets. If your dog likes to snooze on the couch, you can switch out blankets often. A duster with washable or disposable covers works well on shelving and tables where dog hair may accumulate, as well.


Once you get a dog, you may need to do laundry more often. If you allow your dog on the couch, you can save the couch by using extra blankets or a couch cover. Sometimes, washing these items is more efficient than vacuuming non-stop. You can keep your bed clean by placing a small dog bed or extra sheet in the area where your dog sleeps. Don’t forget to wash the covers on your dog beds, as well. Finally, put the laundry away immediately! Dog hair flies through the house and may cover your clean clothes before you even get to wear them. Put clothes away in drawers and keep the closet door shut. 

Talk to Your Vet

The vet can make sure your dog is healthy if you notice excessive shedding. Some dogs get skin infections and allergies. Your vet may also recommend a different food, shampoo, or a few supplements. Many people add fish oil or coconut oil to their dog’s food to encourage healthy skin and a nice coat. Talk to your vet before adding anything to your dog’s diet, however. 

Designated Areas 

If you have sensitive equipment in your home that needs to stay clean, you may need to block off some areas from your dog. Excessive dust and dog hair may cause problems with musical equipment and computers, for example. If you have trouble keeping doors closed, put up some baby gates to keep your dog from wandering into specific rooms. If you have babies or young children, you may also wish to keep their rooms off-limits, as well. 

If you feel overwhelmed with keeping furniture hair-free, you can place cozy dog beds around the house. Your dog may choose these over the couch or bed, at times. Some people use dog beds to limit time on furniture, while others train their dogs to stay off of the furniture completely. If you can’t resist a snuggly dog on the couch next to you, keep a basket of clean blankets nearby to keep things covered. 

You can’t avoid hair completely when you have dogs, but you can keep it under control. When you bring home your new furry friend, you must accept the work that goes with owning a dog. Most people quickly forget about the work when they realize how much fun they have with their dog. Stock up on cleaning tools, blankets, and dog beds to make your home a bit less hairy.

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