Composite Decking and Porcelain Paving: Which is best for your garden?

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when you decide to renovate your garden. Do you want a contemporary space with a minimalist feel or a more traditional space with lots of natural materials? As with all design decisions, there isn’t always a clear or obvious answer. There are so many different materials, it can be hard to know where to start!

Well, today we’re taking a look at two of the most popular outdoor flooring materials, composite decking and porcelain outdoor tiles to see how they compare. With a better understanding of how these materials look and perform, you can decide which material is better suited for your garden design ideas.

One of the great things about these materials is that they share a lot of similar, desirable qualities. For example:

  • They’re more durable than their natural counterparts
  • They come in a wide variety of colours and textures

Porcelain Paving

For those of you wanting to create a low-maintenance contemporary garden space, porcelain paving is an excellent option. Natural stones like slate and limestone require a lot of maintenance to keep them pristine. Without proper cleaning and sealing you will quickly see chips and stains appearing which can be unsightly as well as dangerous!

With high-quality porcelain paving you won’t need to worry about regular cleaning or sealing at all. With a vitrified composition, your paving will be non-porous so stains can be quickly wiped away. The finished surface is smooth (as opposed to having natural imperfections) so the chances of a crack or chip developing is greatly reduced.

Porcelain paving is ideal for homeowners looking to create a modern garden that requires minimal upkeep. Some suppliers, like PrimaPorcelain, even offer indoor/outdoor tiles (like the ones pictured above) that allow you to create a seamless transition between your home and garden for an ultimate, contemporary look.

Composite Decking

While porcelain is a great alternative to natural stone, composite decking is the perfect alternative to natural timber decking, here’s why. Timber decking is notorious for taking on water which can lead to a plethora of problems including mould, rot, warping and cracking.

For most people, the prospect of having to replace their new decking in only a few years’ time is not appealing, so investing in a long-lasting and durable alternative like composite decking is ideal.

Composite decking is manufactured using a mixture of real wood fibres and polymer resin making it an attractive, natural-looking material with the waterproof qualities of plastic decking.

In the past, composite decking was notorious for having a ‘fake’ appearance, but nowadays, suppliers like DeckPlus offer composite decking with a natural wood finish.

This makes composite decking an amazing choice for homeowners who like the idea of real-wood, but don’t like the idea of painting, staining and sealing their new deck once a year!

Hopefully you can see how these man-made materials can help you create the garden of your dreams.  


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