Complete List of 42 Simple Cleaning Tips to Have a Clean Home

All of these simple cleaning tips come from different experiences all around the world.

Women are ready to do everything in their power to keep a clean home as much as possible.

It’s tricky to do that when you live with kids and husband, but we are getting there.

To keep the house clean, you need to organize your family. They all need to help and improve the environment.

When you achieve that goal, your warm home will be filled with a refreshing scent. Everything will glow clean, and you won’t be the only one to clean the whole house.

To do that, you must avoid scaring them that the house is a mess and it needs a thorough cleaning.

Full Circle

All family members will be gone in a matter of seconds. They all have a better thing to do or a place they should be right at that moment.

There is a trick you can implement at your house. You will teach them how to clean the mess with simple cleaning tips.

Are you ready to do this?

Share these with everyone. Make them choose what tips they like the most. It takes time and practice, but you’ll get there.

Let’s start:

  • For a better cleaning experience of the bathtub, fill it up with a few inches of warm water. It will heat up the bathroom and increase the effectiveness of the cleaners.

  • Always hang your mop in the storage. It will prevent dust and mildew buildup.

  • Use boiling water and baking soda to clean your oven hood filter

  • Use seam ripper to get the entire hair buildup in your vacuum

  • You can clean the vacuum filter in your dishwasher. That’s how you maintain their effectiveness.

  • Microwave the cleaning sponge to kill up to 99% of the germs

  • Clean your keyboards with “Magic Erasers.”

  • Use can air to blow debris and dust out of your exhaust cans

  • Pour a Kool-Aid packet into your dishwasher as a detergent. It will remove lime deposits and stains.

  • WD-40 removes scuffs and scrapes on the tile floor

  • “Cooking” vanilla extract in the oven will make your home smell perfectly clean.

  • Dust your light bulbs with a paintbrush. That’s how you won’t worry about breaking them.

  • Sprinkle baking soda and stain remover on a mattress to clean it effectively

  • Clean your baseboards by using old fabric softener sheets. That’s how you repurpose them.

  • To clean carpet stains, you need to mix water and white vinegar together at a 2:1 ratio. Place the mixture on the stain. Use steam setting on your iron and top the place for 30 seconds. Repeat the procedure until the stain is gone.

  • Baking soda and vegetable oil paste will clean the front of your cabinets

  • Use lint roller to clean the lampshades

  • Make a baking soda and coconut oil mixture to clean residue of door handles and surfaces.

  • Clean the nooks and crannies with a cleaning wipe on the end of a screwdriver. Yes, you need to unscrew the toilet lid first.

  • Wipe down the windows with a newspaper

  • Use a hair catcher in your shower to prevent clogging

  • Clean glass on the inside of your oven door by attaching a cleaning wipe to a wire hanger with a rubber band.

  • Mix tartar sauce and a few drops of water to clean kettles and toasters

  • Use an old toothbrush to clean the inside of a toaster

  • White vinegar, hot water, and bleach clean your washing machine. Pour the solution into the machine and start the longest spin cycle.

  • Water, bleach and a towel will clean and keep the plastic inside the front mold free

Keeping Your Home And Family Organized: Tips To Succeed
Clean Organized Family Home
  • Clean blinds by using an orphan sock sprayed with water and white vinegar.

  • A dish wand in the shower is a practical way of keeping the walls clean. Wipe them down every time you exit the shower.

  • Use laundry detergent, laundry detergent sheets and bleach in your washing machine to get rid of sweat stains on your pillows.

  • Pour antibacterial soap into the toilet brush holder to prevent germs multiply on it.

  • Waxed paper removes water spots and fingerprints from items with chrome finish

  • Use a binder clip to keep the sponge upright. This will prevent from sitting in the water that leaks from it

  • Use salt to get cooked on food off cast-iron. That’s how you prevent damages to the pan

  • An old toothbrush cleans drain holes correctly.

  • Clean the dryer vent by removing lint from the lint trap and vacuuming the debris

  • Set the iron to steam mode and run the bottom over salt. It will make it shine.

  • Take a cotton swab, dip it in white vinegar and clean the window tracks.

  • Use a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol to remove debris and dust from the surface of candles

  • A baggie filled with white vinegar and hot water will clean the shower head. You just need to find a way how to attach it.

  • An old pillowcase will clean the dust off your fan.

  • Use Bar Keeper’s Friend to clean porcelain sinks and bathtubs

  • Clean paintings effectively with bagels.

Starts giving instructions in your home. Your home will shine!

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