Common millennial names and name choice tips

Virtually everybody thinks that picking names for their babies is easy until they come face to face with the “big moment” — “the moment of truth” and they realize how much hard work is involved. It’s not unusual for parents or couples to give a name to their baby and later regret their choice.

There are a lot of reasons why parents regret giving certain names to their child, but most times, the name would have already been inked on the baby’s birth certificate. Sometimes, couples go for common millennial names without giving them adequate thought. Other times, they do make such mistakes because they wanted to uphold their family’s naming culture only to end up choosing a name they hate.

On another side are parents who just don’t settle for a name because their partner forced it on them, and they simply say yes out of frustration or not wanting to impose their opinion. But hey, naming a baby isn’t supposed to be a “one person” thing. Both parents should be on the same page before slapping some random name from the “dinosaur era” you came across in a movie or that of your favorite artist.

To avoid any form of regrets after naming your bundle of joy, here are tips you should always have at the back of your mind. Just so you don’t get carried away and sway from your original plan, it is always best to have a checklist containing the tips we are about to share with you.

How to pick the best baby name

As we mentioned earlier, there are factors you should consider before picking a name for your baby. Let’s take a second to list them before touching on them one after the other. Shall we?

  • Common millennial names are not a bad idea, it’s always best to avoid passing trends.
  • Always remember to look up the meaning of names
  • Take a look at your family tree
  • Keep your culture at the back of your mind
  • Honor your culture
  • Keep tabs on the initials
  • Classic names don’t mean boring names?

1. Avoid passing trends

Picking a name for your baby is not something you wing or whip out of thin air. And neither is it like pulling a pidgin from a hat — magic. You need to choose a name that will stand the test of time, a name you will be proud to call for the rest of your life.

While you are at it, you should ask yourself important questions like; will the name sound ridiculous in 10 years? Will other kids make fun of the name in the schoolyard?

Will your child have to explain the meaning of his/her name or correct spellings every day? If your answer to these questions is yes, you know what to do. Shove it aside.

2. Always remember to look up the meaning of names

How does the name “Giselle” sound to you? Sounds nice, right? As beautiful as it sounds, you will be surprised to know that it means “hostage.” Yes, you read that right, and you just had a change of heart.

That pretty much explains where this point is headed, and you now know better than following the crowd to choose a namewithout making time to research the meaning. How about “Cameron” and “Cecilia” that means “crooked nose” and “blind” respectively. You probably didn’t see that coming as well.  The message is that you shouldn’t overlook the meaning of the name.

3. Take a look at your family tree

You can get name inspiration from retracing your family tree. You never can tell; your folks could own records that contain the names of every family member.  Since we are in the digital age, your family members could have made put your family tree online — making it to access and take a look to see if any name strikes a chord in your heart.

4. Keep tabs on the initials

Regarding initials, even though they come across most people as insignificant, your child’s initials are also an important factor to consider when picking a name for your child — especially when you are looking towards common names for millennials.

For example, what do the initials of the name Ana Sydney Scott spells? Did you miss it the first time? A.S.S and you will agree that that’s not a good idea.


There you have it, top factors/tips to consider while choosing baby names. Hopefully, that helps. Let’s round off.If you are a millennial, the chances are that you have one of these names. Here are ten common millennial names for females; Jessica, Ashley, Sarah, Jennifer, Emily, Samantha, Elizabeth, Stephanie, and Nicole. And here is another 10 for males: Michael, Christopher, Mathew, Joshua, Daniel, David, Andrew, James