Common and Popular Baby Hamper Ideas

When it is time to celebrate the arrival of a new baby, it is also time for wonderful baby hampers of gifts. Everyone can be so excited upon hearing the news that a new baby is on its way. If you are excited too, and you want to shower the baby with all the beautiful things you can give, here are the most common and popular baby hamper ideas to choose from. You will never go wrong giving or sending any of these hampers to the new mom and dad on baby shower party.

  • Baby Essentials

One of the most common baby hampers appropriate for this happy occasion is a hamper of baby essentials. You can find one at any flower shop and baby gift boutiques. The florist can offer you elegant hampers of baby essentials that include sets of baby clothes, baby bath products, and baby feeding bottles. There are more to find at the florist’s shop if you want the best gifts for the baby.

  • Baby Diapers

Another common and popular baby hamper idea is a hamper of diapers. The hamper is filled with various diaper sizes and some of the essential items for changing diapers. The flower shop offers hampers that are already designed and filled with assorted diapers in various sizes. It is a great choice of gift for the new parents who celebrate the arrival of a new baby.

  • Baby Socks and Shoes

A baby hamper of baby socks and shoes is also a nice idea for baby shower gifts. The hamper is filled with a number of pairs of socks and shoes in different colors, prints, and designs. There are hampers designed for a baby girl and also for a baby boy. You can also find hampers of socks and shoes in gender-neutral colors and prints. If you plan to give this specific baby hamper of gifts on baby showers, make sure that you pick the one that is safe for the baby.

  • Baby Feeding Hamper

A baby hamper filled with baby feeding sets is another option for your gifts. The hamper may contain several sets of baby feeding bottles, baby feeding bowls, spoon and fork, and cups. Some of the hampers are designed to have baby bibs, baby cloths, and some extra sets of silicon nipples. You can choose to send or give the baby a hamper of feeding sets that comes with other baby products, too.

  • Baby Travel Hamper

It can be difficult to travel with the baby because of all the stuffs that are needed to bring along. With a multi-purpose traveling bag for baby’s needs, it will be more convenient for the parents to have the baby wherever they want to go. A baby hamper that contains a diaper bag or traveling bag is a nice option for them. You can choose a stylish diaper bag so that the baby’s mother will still be in style when going out with the baby, or choose a traveling bag that can carry all the needed baby items.

  • Baby Boy Hamper

A baby hamper for the baby boy is another common option. If you are sending gifts to a baby boy, you can find hundreds of designs and assortments at the flower shops and at different baby gift shops. Some hampers have sets of baby clothes, feeding bottles, burp cloths, and diapers in blue and grey colors while some are packed with different baby products and essential items.

  • Baby Girl Hamper

A baby hamper for the baby girl is also one of the common options for baby shower gifts. There are hampers in pink colors and in pretty character designs appropriate for the baby girl. Most of the assorted items in a baby hamper for baby girls include different clothes and baby products. For added attractiveness, the hampers are packed with laces and ribbons.

  • Gender-Neutral Baby Hamper

There are hundreds of designs for baby hampers in unisex colors and prints. You can send a baby hamper of baby gifts in colors of white, yellow, green, or orange. The gift items in unisex designs come in various styles and sizes to suit the new baby. You can also choose a baby hamper filled with baby bath products, baby grooming kit, and baby diapers to be safe, in case you don’t know the gender of the baby. 

  • Hamper for the New Mom

A baby hamper delivery for the baby shower party is a great choice of gift even for the new mom. There are hampers of gift items that the new mommy will find useful and convenient in taking care of the baby. Things like nursing pillows, nursing shawls, and nursing pads are among the best items to look for if you want to give something for the mommy. There are also different kinds of parenting books that can be given to the new mommy so that she can use one if she is not sure of what to do. Giving the new mommy a hamper of gifts on this special day will make the event more memorable for her.

Baby shower is an important event. This is the time to celebrate the coming of a new baby and it can also be the time for the couple to reveal the gender of their baby. To make the celebration more exciting and full of fun for everyone, especially for the expectant parents, shower them with these wonderful baby hampers of baby gifts and let them feel your love and support.

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