Common Air Conditioner Problems That Require Repairs

An AC is a reliable machine, but it can still have problems. You may fix some of the issues yourself, but others require you to call a professional for AC repair. Here are some of the most common problems that may need an air conditioning service technician.

Failing Compressor

Your compressor is the heart of your unit. If it stops running, your AC will stop cooling. Most compressors constantly run, so they are likely to break down over time. When they fail, you will have to replace the compressor entirely.

If the compressor stops working sometimes but other times continues to run normally, you probably have a faulty condenser fan motor rather than a malfunctioning compressor. The motor is what keeps the condenser fan running, and if it stops working, then it could cause your AC to fail when it needs to cool most. If you are unsure about the cause of your problem, call a professional for help.

Broken Fan

A fan is a device that pulls outside air into the unit. Many problems can occur with fans. They can stop working entirely, get caught in one position, or get extremely noisy.

Many fans have a clutch that you can adjust to slow them down and keep them quieter. If changing this mechanism doesn’t work, the motor could fail and be replaced. If the motor doesn’t fail, you will have to replace the fan itself.

Damaged Compressor

If your compressor is damaged in any way, it will be unable to work correctly. The unit may not cool or even start at all. This is a common problem, so you should check for it at least once a year. If there are any obvious signs of damage or your unit suddenly stops functioning, call a professional for help immediately.

Stopped Heating

Your air conditioner is designed to keep your house at an even temperature. If the heating unit stops working, your AC will not keep up. The unit will either have to stop cooling completely, or it might not maintain the temperature you desire. You may also find that your system has warmed up to a hot setting and that you don’t want your home that warm.

If the heating unit suddenly stops working, review all of its pieces for damage or malfunction before calling a service technician. This may mean you need a new furnace as well, but that is certainly something you should check before contacting anybody.

Too Much Air

Some air conditioners are set to limit how much air they blow out into the home. If you adjust the thermostat to a higher point, it will only release a certain amount of air. If the unit is too cold and too much air is coming through, your home may have problems cooling down.

If it becomes very hot in your home and your thermostat setting is still low, then you should raise the setting by at least five degrees. To learn how to adjust yours, check with your manufacturer or the manual that came with your unit.

Squeaky Compressor

Your compressor is the device that uses electricity to turn a liquid into a gas. When it runs, it should be silent. If you hear a squeaking noise and your unit works fine, you probably need to lubricate your compressor with special oil.

If you don’t lubricate the unit and it continues to squeak, there could be damage or something stuck in your system. You will need to call an AC repair service technician for help if this happens.

Harsh Air Conditioning

If you live in an area that gets very cold in the winter, an AC is necessary. The unit will release cool air into your home to keep it from becoming too warm. However, if your system fails to work correctly, it could be due to the other issues on this list.

If you put your thermostat at a higher level and your AC doesn’t feel cool enough, other issues may arise, such as a dirty filter or a burned-out compressor. You should call a service technician if you have problems with heating and cooling inside your home.

Leaks in the Unit

If your AC is leaking, then it will not be able to keep your home cool. It can also put high strain levels on the unit and cause other issues such as electrical fires. Many leaks are easy to fix, but others require you to call a service technician for repair.

There are many kinds of leaks that a service technician can handle. If you find water in your basement, it could be a leak from the outside or a malfunctioning drain valve inside your unit. If you find water inside the unit, it could be a faulty evaporator coil, a broken gasket, or a burst pipe.

Overheating in Your Home

If your AC is too hot and you notice that it is getting very hot in your house, then there are many things you can do to fix this problem. Improper installation of an AC can cause the unit to overheat. During installation, the most common mistakes people make are not using proper ducts or climbing into the attic and using your furnace as some makeshift fan.

Your thermostat may be mismanaged as well. If the temperature is set too low, the unit will work too hard to maintain that heat level and overheat quickly. If you find that your home is still overheating when your thermostat is set at a high enough temperature, then you should call a service technician for help.


These are just a few common problems people experience with their air conditioning units. If you have these issues, you should resolve them before they worsen. The best way to do this is by calling a service technician for help.

Regardless of what problem you are experiencing or where you’re located with your unit, a service technician can always help you get your system up and running again! AC repair Plano Tx may be critical, especially during the summer when it’s sweltering.

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