Coldwater swimming – Benefits, proper gear & reasons to choose

Swimming in cold water is not on the bucket list of not many people. And only a very few people know the health benefits associated with it. According to many health clinicians, cold water swimming is a life-changing experience as it helps your body handle stress in a better way. Aiming to assist people, ICEWIM has launched a campaign inspiring the world to live a happy and healthy life. 

Who is ICEWIM?

Founded in 2020 with only one aim – to help everyone live a happy and healthy life – ICEWIM is a swimwear and gear company. To boost their purpose, they cultivate togetherness and strengthen the human bond by sharing stories of cold-water enthusiasts from their community. They look at cold-water swimming as an eco-therapy that helps everyone stay in tune regarding their instincts when it comes to staying close to water. 

How is ICEWIM helping?

Coldwater swimming is no less than an adventurous ride, and if you are not geared up correctly, you will end up missing all the fun and benefits. To assist people in gearing up properly for this, ICEWIM has launched a sustainable line of swimwear that is fully optimized for swimming in cold water. The swimwear by ICEWIM is made by using Yulex & natural rubber extracted from Hevea trees. Yulex is natural rubber. Furthermore, this swimwear is excellent for optimizing technique, speed during swimming and body position.

The swimwear by ICEWIM is created with Yulex & natural rubber extracted from Hevea trees. Yulex is a premium fabric that is based on plants, and it gives proper insulation to the person’s body by keeping the temperature regular even in the lowest water temperature. Furthermore, this swimwear is excellent when it comes to optimizing technique, speed during swimming, and body position.

Swimming underwater – a popular trend

There are not but many primary causes behind people submerging in cold water. The growing immune system, increased resilience to stress, and burning fat more quickly are some reasons. This trend gained even immense popularity due to the pandemic because more and more people started looking for isolated & close-to-home ways to improve their well-being.

5 Must- know Benefits of cold water swimming

The many benefits of doing cold water swimming are as follows –

Enhanced immune system

The impact cold weather has on the immune system has been studied widely all over the globe. And it has been found that cold water increases the count of WBCs or white blood cells. Why? Because the body is made to react to the altered surrounding. When this is done regularly, the body’s ability to activate defenses increases.

Attain a natural high

Endorphins are activated by cold water swimming. What are endorphins? It is a chemical produced by your brain that makes you happy while doing an activity. Since cold water swimming is an exercise, ergo, it helps a lot in dealing with depression. And studies have proven that exercise treats depression. With this kind of swimming, the pain barrier gets closed, and the endorphins are released, which helps a person in coping up with pain.

Improved circulation

The arteries, veins, and capillaries are flushed due to cold water swimming. This activity makes the blood rise up to the surface, thereby, helps in keeping the extremities warm.

Increased libido

Traditionally, it was seen that cold water reduces sexual urges but it does the opposite. Yes, it increases libido! How? When you take a dip in cold water, the production of estrogen and testosterone increases, thereby adding more fuel to fertility and libido. Due to increased libido, you become more confident, experience higher self-esteem, and stay in a good mood.

Burn calories faster

When you are inside the cold water, your heart has to pump more blood, and the body works hard in order to keep itself warm. This means that a lot more calories are burnt when you are swimming in cold water as compared to usual or hot water. As a matter of fact, cold water lowers the temperature of your body and forces it to act.

How does the swimwear by ICEWIM help?

The swimwear by ICEWIM guarantees optimal performance in swimming, powered by reactive stretch technology that assures significant motion and flexibility. The users also get a side pocket that can hold their mobile devices in a waterproof case. This way, swimmers can enjoy their time inside the water. The company even offers swim shoes and a poncho. 

With a poncho, the swimmers can instantly warm themselves up just after coming out of the water (cold) while the swim shoes (3mm thick) stand as the ‘must-have’ swimming gear. These shoes will certainly make your cold water swimming an enjoyable experience. You can now get these exciting swimwear and gears through the pre-sale at special pricing at the Kickstarter campaign here.

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