Cold Therapy: An Upcoming Player In Health And Wellness

The entire globe is currently in pursuit of alternative means to achieve overall wellness. Now and then, we encounter an emerging form of treatment that promises better results than conventional medicine and therapies. And cold therapy is steadily gaining serious popularity. 

Nordic countries are believed to be among the pioneers in the field of cold therapy. There are hotel spas in Sweden that solely utilize cold elements in their relaxation therapies and swimming pools of ice-cold water in Norway and Denmark. Countries like the Netherlands are emerging as top-notch manufacturers of cold therapy equipment like the CoolCube water-cooled by Khione.

The use of the cold for medical purposes is not new to treatments. Probably, your mum asked you to place an ice pack over an injured knee whenever you took a tumble while skateboarding or riding. Or it might have been a bag of frozen peas. But why are physical trainers, professional athletes, celebrities, health influencers, and wellness gurus immersing themselves in Cold Therapy machines and preaching distinct health benefits?

Although the use of cold water to achieve therapeutic goals has been around for ages, modern-day adaptations feature more in medical circles. Before we delve deeper into the health benefits of cold therapy, read on first to understand what exactly it is.

So, What Is Cold Therapy?

Cold Therapy is a new-age practice that involves willingly exposing one’s body to low temperatures. Whether it’s cold water or air, this therapy boasts of numerous advantages to health and wellness. Both anecdotal and scientific evidence indicates a wide range of benefits from alleviating pain and inflammation, to improving moods and even promising longevity.

Benefits Of Cold Therapy To Health And Wellness

  1. Pain relief

The basic science behind this is that when cold is applied to an injury, nerve impulses are slowed, reducing the sensation of pain. And this treatment technique can be used for a broad range of bodily pain such as those arising from migraine symptoms, arthritis, damage to the central nervous system, and other chronic disorders.

  1. Reduces inflammation

The application of cold therapy reduces blood flow to the affected areas, which alleviates swelling and inflammation. Scientific evidence reveals that exposure to low temperatures stimulates the body to produce a chemical compound known as adiponectin which possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. Weight loss

Remember the protein hormone, adiponectin, we mentioned earlier? It turns out it also plays an essential role in modulating several metabolic processes like glucose regulation. When you stimulate your body to produce larger amounts, you experience more fat burning, promoting weight loss. One also avoids obesity-related diseases.

  1. Improves the overall quality of your life

Across-the-board, when one practices cold therapy regularly, they experience long-term changes that enhance their life quality. The treatment influences the lymphatic, circulatory, mental, immune, and digestive systems. It also strengthens the skin, hair, nails and is believed to boost longevity.

Does Insurance Cover Cold Therapy?

Insurance company services are varied depending on the provider. They offer a variety of plans, and each is unique to every individual. Therefore, to determine whether your cover includes medically-approved cold therapy treatments, it would be best to consult with the insurance provider. 

The truth is, most insurance companies are yet to come to terms with alternative medicine therapies like cold water therapy. As a result, you may have to incur out-of-pocket expenses. But several private insurance carriers are flexible and provide cover for sessions and devices needed during and after therapy.

Last Take

The use of Cold Therapy Machines like the CoolCube is gaining unprecedented popularity around the globe. However, consult with a health practitioner before you invest in a watercooler or cold air chambers. Nonetheless, research and learn the fundamentals of cold therapy to determine if it is an appropriate solution. It would also help you make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing the proper apparatus. The bottom line is, Cold Therapy can help you achieve the benefits mentioned above as long as it is done in a controlled environment while adhering to the secure techniques. A cold water bath a day may keep the doctor at bay.