Keeping Your Cockroach Issues Under Control

There is nothing more frustrating than just finishing to wash your house floors, and have your dog walk muddy paws through. Similar to that frustration and pain is finding one of those things in your house. Dead or alive, finding a cockroach in your home is never a good feeling!

These persistent pests find their way into our houses and never seem to leave. Just when you think that there is none around, one greets you just as you climbing out of the shower! Before you hire the best professional pest control companies to ensure that your house is cockroach-free, consider these preventative steps.

What attracts cockroaches into your home

No matter the type of pest – whether roaches, ants, termites, or rodents – they’re all searching for the same thing. They are looking for comfortable living quarters without too much commotion, food, and water sources. All of these pest magnets are easily found in your home.

Be sure to check the exterior walls on the inside and outside for cracks, holes, or broken seals. Without a defensible barrier, pest control will only ever be a temporary measure.

Remove cockroaches naturally

There are various methods to prevent pests naturally. If you have an infestation, a professional pest control company will need to help you get ahead in the game. A dollar spent on prevention will yield far greater results than spent after the face. Some of the ideas for preventing cockroaches include growing specific plants just our side of your home or even have them as house plants. Cockroaches do not like citruses like lemon or grapefruit. You can diffuse essential oils like lemon or grapefruit. Diffusing the oils will not only ward off the nasty cockroaches but will also leave your home smelling fresh and inviting.

If you already have pests inside the house, using natural products like baking soda or boric acid is deadly for the cockroaches.

Aggressive Pest Control

The first step in ridding your house of cockroaches is to shake things up a bit. Give your house a thorough spring cleaning. Remove and throw out excess paper and cardboard that the cockroaches love! Remove any clutter or additional hiding spaces.

One effective method of eliminating roaches is the type of trap found in supermarkets or home improvement stores. The device uses a scent or other bait to attract the cockroaches. When they investigate the bait, roaches become caught in a sticky substance, effectively trapped inside. It can take up to two weeks to see results, so check your traps for dead roaches periodically. A liquid concentrate designed to deter roaches can also be found in most home improvement stores. Once diluted, the liquid can be sprayed into cracks and crevices and other areas where roaches like to hide.

DIY Pest Control

While you may be tempted to roll up your sleeves and attack the pest problem yourself, be careful that you do not bite off more than you can chew. DIY pest control can lead to many more issues being found. After all, we don’t really know what lies behind our walls! Putting out traps and spraying a little here and there is not pest control. If you continue to have a recurring problem, speak to a professional.