Clean Your Body Out of Toxins With This Rare Pineapple Diet

I have to tell you this.

My daughter was sitting in the kitchen the other day doing her homework. I stormed through the door of our kitchen fulfilled with happiness.

I said to her OMG I finally found the perfect pineapple diet. She looked me in my eyes, scared to see me like that, and said: What, you eat everything except pineapple?

And continued to write her homework. Cold-blooded. She doesn’t like pineapples at all.

I don’t know how she does not love this beneficial fruit. While we are at it, let me show you its benefits real quick.
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There. Now you know. We are dealing with a powerful fruit right here.

This is my first time I find a diet that’s based on pineapple. Reading all the comments, complaints and advantages about this diet, I can see it helped many people.

It helps with the weight-loss battle and it helps your body throw out toxins in 5 days.

Pineapple – The natural born detoxifier

There are many toxins in our body. Somehow we found a way to live with them. They are slowly damaging our bodies. Therefore, it’s crucial for you to do your best and clear them out of your body.


Of course, your body does that by itself. But with all the other tasks it does, I think it’s time for you to help the process.

By the show of hands, how many of you drink at least 2 liters of water per day?

Let me guess, you forgot to drink water today. The worldwide results are devastating. Your body is a powerful machine that needs to be fueled to stay healthy.

Either way, it will get rusty and there are the diseases to give you bigger problems.

To avoid all that here is a diet that will help you detoxify your body.

Before we get down to it and you start making it you should know this

The pineapple diet is interesting way of eliminating the retained fluid in the body. It’s made like an eating plan for 4 days that will allow you to drop few kilos and detoxify your body.

You should be warned that the excessive use of this diet could lead to different results. As you know your body needs all nutritional requirements to be in a good shape and health.

Perform this diet for 4 days and nothing more. After that, get back on your healthy diet.

Let’s start:

Day 1

  •      Breakfast – 2 Slices of organic pineapple + whole-grain toast spread with low sugar jam
  •      Lunch – 2 Slices of organic pineapple with 200 grams of grilled tuna, seasoned with olive oil, pepper and salt
  •      Dinner – 2 slices of pineapple with 200 grams of chicken breast grilled and lettuce salad dressed with olive oil and vinegar

Day 2

  •      Breakfast – 2 Slices of pineapple with a slice of bread spread with low-fat cheese
  •      Lunch – Beef steak grilled, seasoned with tablespoon of olive oil and 2 slices of pineapple for dessert
  •      Dinner – Make a light cream with purifying plant vegetables. Finish with two slices of pineapple

Day 3

  •      Repeat menu of Day 1

Day 4

  •      Repeat the menu of Day 2

This diet seems very interesting. This is a low-calorie diet and you can expect some feelings of hunger, lack of energy and anxiety.

Don’t be scared of that. You’ll get used to it. That’s your body reacting on this diet. It needs time to understand what’s going on.

People who are suffering from HBP, diabetes, and kidney problems should avoid this diet. Consult a doctor before taking a step further.

Make sure the features of this fruit are not interacting with the chemicals in the drugs you are taking for your problem.

Who’s up for this challenge? I really think I will try it.

Maybe some of your friends will get interested into this. Why don’t you share it and see who is going to join you.

Source: Health Advisor Team

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