Choosing the Right Quilt Cover Set

A good quilt — or doona, for us Australians — cover set is an essential piece of the bedding puzzle. It keeps our quilts clean, provides a soft, comfortable material to sleep under, and makes our beds stylish and attractive.

But while people often pay attention to the material and thread count of their sheet sets, quilt covers don’t often attract the same love and attention. It’s not too surprising in a country like Australia — our summers are hot, and our quilts are only used a few months (or even weeks) out of the year. Why go through the trouble of getting a nice set when you’re not going to use it often?

Suffice to say, we disagree with the idea that just because you might not use a quilt set often, you go for lesser quality. A high quality set will give you the comfort you need during those few weeks of use, as well as last you many years longer than a cheaper, inferior set.

So, like we’ve done for our sheet sets in the past, here’s a guide for how to choose the right quilt cover set — with a particular spotlight on an oft-overlooked favourite of ours.

Quilt Cover Material

Quilt covers are made of all sorts of different materials. Cotton, cotton blends, linen, flannel, synthetic materials — even luxurious silk. All of these come with different prices, cleaning requirements, and feel.

Thicker quilt cover sets add to the heat insulation of the quilt for winter, so lighter materials will be a better idea if you plan to have the quilt in use in summer. Steer clear of delicate fabrics if you’re the type of person who allows pets on their bed.

For our money, we love cotton quilt cover sets. Cotton is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and perhaps best of all, insulating. It’s a good all-round material for summer and winter, and provides a soft, comfortable feel you’ll love sleeping under.

Quilt Cover Thread Count

Thread count is just as important for your quilt cover as it is your sheets, but with some slightly different considerations.

With bedsheets, the wisdom is usually higher thread count = more comfort. This is true to an extent, as we’ve covered in other articles.

When it comes to quilt covers, you actually don’t want too high a thread count. Quilt covers should breathe, so keep the count below 600 or so. If you have too high a thread count, the fabric will be overly heavy and much too warm — even in winter. Avoid melting yourself into a puddle of sweat and stay with a reasonable thread count.

Quilt Cover Design

Like with anything in your house, design is important. Do you want a textured, waffle quilt cover? A sleek, crisp set? Are you going for bold, or neutral? Making a statement, or just trying to tie the room together?

Your quilt cover design can be a major component of your bedroom’s decor, so spend some time on it. Get something that either complements the surrounds, or forms a bold centrepiece to your room. Whatever you choose, make a statement.

Case Study: Jersey TShirt Quilt Covers

If you’re not familiar with the term, Jersey Cotton is often referred to as “T Shirt” cotton because of how closely it feels like wearing a comfortable tee.

Jersey cotton is a particular style of cotton plant. It’s not as luxurious as Egyptian cotton, but it does have a warmth, comfort and feel all its own. Even if you’ve got the most luxurious Egyptian Cotton sheets, a set of Jersey Cotton quilt covers will provide you a new sleeping experience you didn’t realise you were missing out on.

The Jersey TShirt Range at Manchester Collection is built on simplicity, featuring bold single colours to truly stand out. From neutral charcoals and greys to eye catching pink and navy, there’s something that will suit any bedroom style you have — or may have.

Pair a Jersey Tshirt Quilt Cover set with a simple, stylish throw rug to create instant, effortless designs. Blend or contrast colours to create visually interesting spaces in the room, all while providing absolute comfort through the night.

Manchester Collection for Your Quilt Cover Needs

We have many quilt covers to choose from at Manchester Collection. Jersey Cotton quilt cover sets are a hidden gem many overlook, but which will provide a relaxing night’s sleep like you’ve always wanted. Bold, easy to clean, and suitable for all uses, you can’t go wrong with the Jersey TShirt Range.

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