Choosing The Best Cleaning Service for Carpets

Carpets are a great element of interior design that one should have. Other than providing aesthetic values for a room, they play an essential role in maintaining the warmth of the room. There are different types of carpets; this determines their prices and maintenance practices. Acquiring a carpet for your interior design is as good as maintaining it. High-quality carpets are very expensive and need proper maintenance to serve for a longer time. You need a good residential carpet cleaning company to maintain your carpets at home. Carrying carpets to cleaner’s shops could be tiresome; therefore, finding a company that can clean them from your home is advantageous.

What To Look for In a Carpet Cleaning Company

The existence of many cleaning service providers in the market today makes it hard for one to choose one that is best suited for their needs. There are many factors one should look for in a carpet cleaning company. These factors determine the quality of services one is likely to receive, they include,

Proximity to your place

Carpets have various ways of delivering services. While some require you to take your carpets to their premises, some offer cleaning services at homes. When selecting a carpet cleaning company, one should ensure the distance between their home and the company is manageable. Distant companies always charge higher rates to cater for the transportation costs. In cases where one has to take the carpet to the cleaners, long distances imply that they spend more money on fuel. It is easier to follow up after cleaning services with companies located closer to one’s residence. This promotes accountability between the company and the client if the company technicians work inside a client’s house.

Equipment owned by the company

One of the main indicators of a good cleaning company is the equipment owned by the company. Cleaning companies should have the right tools to clean the carpet properly. The equipment used to clean depends on the nature of the carpet. For instance, woolen carpets cannot be cleaned using the same equipment as silk carpets. However, some equipment is common for most types of carpets. Such equipment includes vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners are used for basic cleanings, such as removing dust from the carpet. Sophisticated cleaning processes such as dye and stain removal require complex equipment. Some sophisticated equipment use chemicals that, when not handled carefully, could lead to permanent damage.

Skills of the company’s technicians

Skills are what defines a professional service provider. Good cleaning companies have a well-trained staff that guarantees excellent and professional services. Technicians sent by the company to perform cleaning services should have the knowledge and skills to handle the type of carpet involved. There are several ways to gauge the skill level of a technician. One of the main ways is by reading reviews from other clients of the company. Honest reviews by clients allow you to anticipate how the technicians will behave while working on your carpet. Another way is assessing how they address the problem on your carpet. Skilled technicians know the exact equipment and chemicals to use depending on the nature of the problem and the type of carpet.

Cost of the cleaning services

Financial considerations are essential when procuring domestic cleaning services, including carpet cleaning services. The cost of carpet cleaning is usually dependent on the nature of the carpet involved. If the carpet is made of delicate materials such as silk and cotton, one might be charged more. The additional charges cater to complex equipment and skilled technicians offering cleaning services. However, the cost of cleaning a carpet should not exceed the cost of acquiring it. Some homeowners are emotionally attached to their carpets and are willing to part with hefty cleaning charges. Unscrupulous carpet cleaning companies take advantage of such clients charging them exorbitant fees.

Carpet Maintenance Practices One Should Observe

Although carpet cleaning services are readily available, they could be costly depending on what one wants to clean. Therefore, good maintenance is advised for homeowners to avoid making expensive carpets dirty. In some cases, the stains could be permanent, and removing them could cause damage to the quality of the carpet. Here are some carpet maintenance practices one should observe to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Proper placing of the carpets

Carpets should be properly placed to serve their intended purpose. For instance, expensive and delicate carpets should be placed in areas with minimal foot traffic. This not only reduces their chances of getting dirty but also minimizes wear and tear. Some dyed carpets are very expensive to clean and restore their patterns in case they fade. One of the main ways to avoid fading is placing the carpet away from direct sunlight. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun causes a bleaching effect that leads to distortion of carpet colors and patterns.

Proper organization of rooms

Carpets serve different purposes depending on the room in which they are placed. However, rooms should be well organized to minimize accidents that could lead to staining of the carpet. For instance, having woolen carpets in rooms with paint is not advisable. Accidental spills can cause stubborn stains on the carpet leading to higher cleaning expenses. Areas exposed to grease, such as garages, should not have woolen carpets. Such carpets are hard to clean when exposed to grease. Proper room organization makes it easy for one to perform basic cleaning routines for their carpet. This includes vacuum cleaning to remove dust particles.

While the quality of services is a priority, security is also a major concern when it comes to contracting carpet cleaning companies. As an additional way to ensure security, one should contract a licensed service provider. Various bodies are tasked with issuing licensed and practicing permits to domestic cleaning companies. This allows authorities to follow up on the service providers if the clients raise an issue. Cleaning involves using chemicals that could be harmful to people and the environment when not regulated. The government only allows licensed companies to access such chemicals.

Photo by Erfan Banaei

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