If your ageing loved one is facing challenges taking care of themself, engaging a home care service is an ideal option. Senior home care provides healthcare and supportive care at home, allowing a senior to enjoy personalized care from the comfort of their home. A home care provider may offer services like cleaning, washing, helping with toileting, personal hygiene, moving around, and healthcare services like administering medication.

However, choosing a senior home care agency can be overwhelming. Some challenges include:

  • Working out the type of support you need
  • Finding a carer who is compatible with your senior loved one
  • Coming to grips with the complicated fees

But, it doesn’t have to be as stressful with this guide.

Know the Home Care Services You Need

The best way to arrange for home care for your ageing loved one is through a domiciliary home care agency. They can provide professional services and take care of your elderly parent or relative for you. Most importantly, choose a home care agency that can provide assistance tailored to your senior’s needs.

While some seniors need help 24 hours a day, others only need help a few hours a day. Therefore, you should consider whether the agency is willing to adapt to the changing needs of the senior. You can also supplement home care services with support from family members and help around the home, like gardeners and cleaners.

Make a List of the Services You Need

Before looking into different senior home care agencies, you should accumulate information about your needs to compare various providers. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What specific activities does your ageing relative need help with?
  • How often do you want the carer to visit?
  • What time should they visit?
  • How many hours a day or week does your loved one need help with?

Narrow Down Your Choices

Next, narrow down your choices to a list of senior home care agencies that meet your needs. You can’t go wrong with referrals, and it is advisable to ask your friends if they can recommend reputable senior home care in Great Falls, VA. You can also ask a healthcare provider for recommendations or check online directories. Most importantly, always do your due diligence.

Check the Reviews

All senior home care agencies in Virginia should be registered with the Virginia Department of Social Services. Regulators monitor these agencies to ensure they provide the appropriate safety and quality standards. Besides the license, affiliation to homecare organizations is an added advantage.

Contact Your Prospective Agencies

Lastly, contact the prospective home care agencies on your list and make the necessary inquiries. Ask about experience, charges, how the agency recruits carers, employee turnover rate, and what they do to ensure standard care. This is an opportunity to learn if it is the right agency for your loved one, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

Summing up

Choosing a reputable senior home care agency can take time, but it is worth it in the long run because it assures you of quality home care for your loved one.