There are a lot of things in this world that no one wants to wake up to; an empty fridge or a crying baby in the next room. But one thing that leaves a sting in the bone is the experience of waking up to lower back pain.

This predicament can result from various factors like muscle strain caused by heavy lifting or prolonged stress, a rupture in the bone cushion disks, arthritis, and so on. The result can range from a simple ache to a more severe stabbing, burning pain in your lower back.

Sometimes, home treatment therapies such as regular yoga can prove useful for treating body pains. However, this is not always the answer. Some symptoms require attention from Orthopedic Urgent Care to avoid serious complications.

When Is It Time To See A Medical Doctor?

The “good news” about body pains is the fact that most often than not, taking some rest or engaging in a 30-min stretch exercise can do the trick. However, here are symptoms that require medical consultation:

  • If the pain persists longer than a few weeks
  • If there is no significant improvement even after periods of rest
  • If the pain gets worse in the case of radiating into the arms and legs, or numbness

With this in mind, serious muscle or bone damage can be prevented. Medical consultation is also important in the case of knowing what method of treatment is required to fix you up and get your body back in shape.

Because there are several orthopedic treatment methods, finding out the specific type of pain you’re going through is important for proper diagnosis and treatment. Of all the different methods of treatment, there exists one that targets victims of low back pain, headache, and neck pain.

What Is Chiropractic Treatment?

This method of orthopedic treatment is employed when the patient suffers from neck pain, headache, or low back pain. It is a method peculiar to trained specialists who use their hands or little instruments to correct any misalignment of the joints.

While taking a crack at your joints, the trained professionals are fully focused on improving your spinal motion. This makes sure that at the end of your treatment; the body’s functioning is not just revived, but improved to give you better fitness levels without having to go under the knife.

Therefore, if you need to treat some serious lower back issues, it’s time you paid a visit to a chiropractor. Due to the nature of lower back pains, it can radiate into other limbs such as the legs or arms and could also lead to numbness. So, how is this treatment applied? What does a chiropractor do?

A medical professional by the name, Dr. Med. Jonas Putzhammer is a trained orthopedic doctor from Munich and an example of a doctor who employs the use of chiropractic therapy to achieve great results.

Now, the trick here is simple. The technique involves a unique positioning of the body. What comes next is the use of grips and little instruments to mobilize the joints experiencing a painful movement restriction.

This restriction happens when two joint surfaces of a joint sit tightly on one another. This leaves little space for the synovial fluid and the result is a hypomobile dysfunction or blockage. Since there is no lubricating fluid, this causes tension on the joints.

Since this blockage of joints often results from irregular shifts and slipping apart, this chiropractic method of treatment is often regarded as a “straightening out” method.

Now that you’ve gotten a quick hang of the method, let’s take a look at what makes it so important in orthopedic treatment.

Why Is Chiropractic Therapy Important In Orthopedic Treatment?

1. Improvement of Posture

For people who sit a lot, there is the risk of acquiring a bad posture. Chiropractic treatment corrects this bad posture and prevents or treats the development of a hunchback.

2. Great for Back Pain Relief

This is the major reason for this therapy in the first place. For people looking to avoid invasive methods of treatment, i.e. surgery, injections, etc, this treatment offers a great alternative for chronic back pain treatments.

3. Also Works On Neck Pain

Your back isn’t the only region that suffers from pain. Constantly sitting and bending for hours every day slowly but surely lead to pains in the neck region.

The good news is that chiropractic therapy solves this through re-alignment of your spine, thereby easing the tension in the neck.

4. No Need to Rely On Opioid Pain Relievers

Whenever pain in the back or neck arises, the most common response is to ingest prescribed opioid pain killers. But with the emergence of chiropractic treatment, there is no need to over-rely on these pills anymore.

This ensures you don’t encounter the adverse effects of continuous drug use.

5. Cheaper and Highly Satisfying

This therapy is a great alternative to spending buck loads on expensive treatments and surgeries. It is also greatly satisfying to the body system leaving you feeling refreshed and pain-free.