Chinese Face Map: How Organs Link to Your Face?

You know how the skin is the largest organ body organ, right? I hope you also know that the skin could show many problems you might suffer from within your body.

Now, Chinese people took this for granted, and they linked everything with the internal organs.

It makes sense. That’s the reason why I decided to share it with you.

Chinese people believe that a different part of your face links to a certain body organ. It leads to your face showing the issues that a particular body organ could have.

Your face manifests this through rashes, color changes, or pimples. Sounds familiar?

See more details about how to read this face map and what it tells about your health on this photo.

Now, pay attention to the reasons why these areas could show an issue and how to treat it:

Forehead – Bladder and Small Intestine

  • Reason: Excessive amounts of fat, stress, too much sugar, sleep deficiency, and alcohol.
  • Treatment: Water, avoid alcohol, raw and healthy food consumption, and good sleep.

Between the Eyebrows Area – Linked With Your Liver

  • Reason: Too much meat consumption, Allergic to an ingredient, Stomach works without a rest
  • Treatment: Organic, raw and healthy foods, Fresh air, Yoga, Meditation, or Fast walking.

Eyebrow Arch – Connected to the Kidneys

  • Reason: Weak heart, Too many cigarettes and alcohol, Poor circulation
  • Treatment: Reduce the intake of alcohol, Quit Smoking, Reduce caffeine and sweetened drinks, Drink a lot of fresh water

Nose: Linked with your Heart

  • Reason: Gasses, Closed rooms, Poor circulation, Stomach bloating, Polluted air, or High blood pressure
  • Treatment: Examine and balance your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, Detox your body with detox water or organic teas, and Exercise regularly

Upper Part of the Cheeks – Connected to the Lungs

  • Reason: Asthma, Pollution, Smoking
  • Treatment: Quit smoking, Avoid polluted air, Start exercising regularly

Cheeks – Connected to the Kidneys and Lungs

  • Reason: Poor diet, too much sugar, smoking, and stress
  • Treatment: Avoid fast and junk food, Use better quality cosmetic products

Mouth and Chin – Related to Your Stomach

  • Reason: High sugar foods, High unhealthy fat foods, Too much caffeine and alcohol drinks, Staying up late, and Stress
  • Treatment: Balanced and healthy diet, Increasing fruits intake

Jaw and Neck – Linked with Your Hormones

  • Reason: Salty food, Dehydration, Large amount of caffeine, Too many spices
  • Treatment: Drink lots of water, Avoid caffeinated drinks, Avoid spices and salty food

Keep in mind that this is an old Chinese belief. You should test this if you want to see if this is right.

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