Children and Technology: An Age Appropriate Guide to Tech

Did you know that the average American child spends around 8 hours a day on electronic screens? It’s a little scary when you think how much exposure kids get to gadgets these days.

Children and technology are a double-edged sword. On one hand, the former benefits a lot because it helps develop their cognitive skills and technological know-how. But with no proper supervision, they’ll get addicted to it.

As a parent, don’t feel down yet.

This guide teaches you things to consider when using technology for kids. Read on and find out more.

1. Strive for Balance

Technology will never go away, with the world becoming more digital as the years pass. It’s a good thing for children since it empowers them. This educates them more engagingly, letting them express their creativity while connecting to others.

If you’re a worried parent, know that a balanced approach will work best. Make a balanced and sustainable relationship between kids and technology. Older children have an intuitive understanding of balance, so it’s easy to teach them not to spend too much time looking at screens.

2. Be a Role Model

Parents are as susceptible to technology’s irresistible pull as their children. You’re likely checking your smartphone each hour at the very least. Take note, children will copy your behavior since they feel like they’re competing with gadgets for your attention.

Ensure you’re using devices and technology the same way your children should. Practice what you preach since what you emulate will draw a clear line for your children. That way, they know the right time to use devices like kids smartwatches.

3. Make Technology a Family Affair

Like assigning chores and other family-related planning, approaching technology should be the same. That way, you and your children are on the same page. It helps set expectations and guidelines, ensuring your children can start self-regulating.

Setting the limits will let them know whether their screen time is becoming an interference with their daily life. To make the most out of it, ensure that your children are part of the decision-making process. It makes them less likely to falter since they played a role in making them.

You could also involve yourself with your children’s experience with technology. This enables you to bond with each other while vetting the content they can access. If they seem more well-versed in technology, let them teach you since it helps you learn while they get a confidence boost.

4. Set Tech-free Zones and Times

Make rules when the entire family shouldn’t use their devices. For example, forbid device use during meal times or around two hours before bedtime. As for tech-free zones, make the dining room and bedrooms your priority.

Follow these rules alongside your children to make yourself a good example. This guarantees everyone has time for breaks and family bonding.

Make Children and Technology Work Together!

These are some tips to manage children and technology. Use these to ensure your family gets regular breaks from gadgets.

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