What’s the True Meaning of Having Dimples on Your Cheeks?

Those cute little dimples on both of the cheeks. I call them the sign of beauty. Don’t get me wrong. People without them are still beautiful.

I don’t have them, but I see them every day on my daughter’s face. She got them from her father.

According to one research, 20% of the whole population enjoy in these cheek dimples. I always thought that they are something special and unique people have them.

I was right, you know.

However, there are things you don’t know about them, and I’m here to share them with you.

Face Muscle Deformity

Even though the dimples are recognized as a sign of something beautiful, they are a result of face muscle deformity.

Believe it or not, there are people obsessed having dimples, they undergo surgery just to create a muscle deformity.

Don’t you ever do that?

The Dimple Machine

Oh yes.

Remember when I’ve said that there are people desperately wanting these dimples?

Someone thought about it and if she patented the machine she could’ve made a fortune until now.

The obsession of Isabella Gilbert took her so far that she invented “dimples-making machine” back in 1936.

This spring-loaded contraption presses a pair of knobs into the cheeks promising to give you the desired look.

The Eternal Youth

Dimples are associated with babies and toddlers. That’s why every time we see someone we think of a cute baby. It’s like these people never get old.

It’s a mind game, and that’s why these dimples are called the source of eternal youth.

Some Cultures say “Dimples are Luck.”

This belief dates from way back. In the past, people thought it’s luck because they saw all of their kids having them.

And you know how it is. It’s pure and honest luck when you see your baby for the first time.

Don’t rush to the casino next to you to see whether this is luck or not.


You’ve probably noticed that people with dimples have a special smile. They are so adorable. However, having them or not, keep smiling. A smile is the second best thing you can do with your lips.

For those guessing, the first one is giving an honest kiss.

It’s the Genes

It’s a genetic beauty. If your mother, father, grandmother, had these dimples, you’ll have them too.

If not, your kid will have them.

You are Still Beautiful and Attractive

Some studies show that people with dimples are more interesting.

However, it’s okay even if you don’t have them. You don’t have to be desperate about it. You are still beautiful, and people love you for who you are.

I hope you now know everything about the real meaning of having dimples on your cheeks.

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