Checklist for replacing roof windows on your own

Even though good roof windows can serve their purpose for years without losing their quality, there comes a moment when their performance is simply not good enough anymore, and you need to invest in a replacement. You may, of course, look for a specialist to install your new window for you, but if you already have some experience with similar DIY projects, you’ll be able to take care of it on your own. But in order to do it well, you need to know what to prepare and how the installation process looks like step-by-step.

Pick the right window

Right at the beginning, you need to pick the right window – you cannot just pick the first roof window you find after walking into the store. You need to choose a model that is well-suited to your roof type, but also your needs – for example, you may choose a top hung window or a centre pivot one. Remember that if you’re replacing only one window, you need to pick one that is not going to stand out visually from the rest of the windows in your home. And there’s also the size of your new window – you can, of course, decide to buy a window that’s bigger or smaller than the one that you currently have installed, however, you have to be aware that it will significantly increase the amount of work in front of you.

Read the instruction carefully

Once you already have your new window, it’s time to open the package and read the instruction carefully. Many people – especially those with some experience with similar works – tend to ignore this step, assuming that they already know everything they need to do. And of course, if you’ve already installed many windows in your life, you probably won’t be surprised by anything that’s written in the instruction, but you need to, at the very least, check the list of elements that should be included somewhere in it. Compare this list with the elements in the box to make sure you have all the necessary parts.

Prepare all the necessary tool and materials

Then you can start making the necessary preparations – it’s best to prepare all the tools in advance. This way, you’ll not be surprised by anything in the middle of the installation – the list of necessary equipment should be included somewhere inside the box as well so take a look at it and prepare everything you may need. Then look around the area right beneath the window you’re planning on replacing – it’s best to clear it out, you don’t want unnecessary obstacles bothering you while you work. For your own safety, you should also consider finding someone to help you – it may be difficult to hold the window in place before fixing it to your roof.

Remove your old window and install the new one

When everything is in place, it’s time to remove your old window and prepare the opening – though, of course, if the window you’re installing is in the exact same size your work here will be limited. Make sure to check the condition of the roof around the opening as well in case there are damages that require your attention. Once you’re sure everything is as it should be, you can start the window installation. Follow the instructions and make sure everything is fixed securely.

If you remember about each of the steps mentioned above, you should be able to replace your roof windows on your own without any problems. But remember that if you’re unsure of your DIY abilities, it’s probably better to invest in a professional installation – saving on the cost of installation may not be the best idea if you end up damaging your window in the process.

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