CHART: How Many Minutes to Delicious & Perfectly Boiled Egg?

The eternal mystery. How many minutes I need to boil the egg to have the perfect structure?

I get this question a lot. My answer is simple. I cook the eggs until I do my morning routine.

I bring the eggs to boil right after I get up. Then, I visit the bathroom to see if I look like a human or not.

Jokes aside, all eggs are different, and you won’t have the same result always.

If you ask for some science, then you need to know that the egg needs a temperature of 180 degrees to be cooked perfectly.

A chef probably had enough of these chit-chats about how much you need to boil the egg perfectly and decided to do a test.

He put a few eggs in pre-boiled water for 30 seconds. He added several ice cubes in there to diminish the heat.

He started pulling eggs out on two minutes’ difference.

Here is the result:


Now you know.

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