Cats Need Proper Nutrition — and Here’s How to Provide it

the way they interact with us, and how they interact with each other. Because cats are such adept natural predators, they require a significant amount of proper nutrition to maintain their natural disposition of active behaviour. 

Providing cats the proper nutrition that they need is not a tough task. While it is true that they need good, healthy food, that is by no means tough to do for even the most domesticated of pets.

Here is how to provide the proper nutrition for your cat:

Quality Over Quantity

Cat food can be expensive, but there is a good reason. Often times with pet food you are paying for better nutritional value. It might seem attractive to buy the big bulk bag of food that will last weeks for your little pal, but that can be harmful to their health. Many, but not all, bulk offerings of cat food can offer less nutritional value, but a better dollar value. Your pet is important to you and so is their health. Look for quality over quantity, and find food that is higher in natural ingredients, not preservatives. The best ways to help your cat is to provide food that offers a comprehensive list of ingredients that prove the food is going to contain vitamins and minerals that will keep your pet happy.

Physical Qualities of Your Cat

Proper nutrition, for humans and animals, boils down to a lot of biological factors. Some cats are shorter and stockier, while others can be long and slim. There are cats that are naturally predisposed to being a bit chunkier too! No matter the type of body or activity level these cats have, they require the right nutrition for their needs. The bigger a cat is, the more likely it needs more nutrition, and vice versa for smaller cats. You should also pay attention to signs of obesity or overweight symptoms in your cat. 

Consider portion sizes during meals, and consider giving your cat smaller meals throughout the day instead of big portions at a time that will make them feel sluggish. Active cats need a lot of food too, so if you know your cat is playing a lot, take that into account. Age also affects the cat’s eating habits. Older cats will consume less food, and the food they need is different in nutritional value as younger cats.

Type of Environment Your Cat Likes

While it was mentioned earlier, some cats are indoors and some are outdoors. Outdoor cats will often be more adventurous as they have more freedom to walk around the neighborhood and interact with the world around them. Indoor cats need their activity from play in a more restricted area. These environmental qualities of your cats livelihood will determine what kind of nutrition they need. Outdoor cats need less essential vitamins from things like the sun, and for indoors they will require more vitamin D. Indoor cats need a lot of protein because they are less likely to be hunting mice or other small prey, so you should consider higher crude protein percentage in their food. This is the opposite for outside cats as they like to hunt.

Give Them Human Food as a Treat

Giving your cat some human food as a treat every so often can be a nice little treat that they will love. Human food like fish, chicken, melons, bananas, and carrots can be very healthy for your little friend. Keep in mind that, while these are healthier human food options, they should be given in moderation. Make sure the fish is deboned and prepared properly, and the chicken is not fried or considered unhealthy even by human standards. You can give them this food as a little treat every now and then, but know that there is a lot of human food that is toxic to cats. Avoid giving your cat chocolate, grapes, milk, onions, and anything raw. Otherwise, cats are allowed certain delicacies as a nice reward.  

While cats require specific nutrition to maintain a healthy lifestyle, there are a lot of ways to get them the food they need without any excessive work. Consider the quality of the food that you are providing your cat, as well as the body type, age, and environment your cat resides in. You can even allow a cat some human food as a treat every now and then. As long as you are providing the cat a good amount and quality so they can remain at their physical best.

You should be very careful while choosing treats for your cats. Even though some human foods are fine, good cat snacks are still a necessity if you want your cat to have a healthy and nutritious diet. Scruffy Paws’ supplements contain ingredients that promote the proper development and maintain a healthy immune system of your cats

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