Easy 4-Ingredient Lavender Lemonade: A Natural Solution for Headache

If a headache is your enemy every day, you might want to check that with your doctor. We live in a pretty tensed world. There are issues all around us. On the TV, at our workplace, home, etc. Problems everywhere. Those tensions and nervous moments bring us headaches and anxiety. Sometimes that’s not the reason … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Mediterranean Diet for Weight Loss

Going healthy is the best diet plan you can be on. But that’s not the trick. It’s more like a lifestyle. Developing healthy habits is not just reaching the goal and back to basics. Once you go healthy, you can never go back! That should be your motto. If you are seeking for effective diet … Read more

Awesome Breakfasts That Will Kick The Stored Fat Out

What’s a day without your perfect breakfast? Nothing. I don’t call that a day. I will admit something to you. I have a new habit. I stretch my upper and lower body every day. Somehow I developed a bad sleeping position. My left shoulder and back were feeling a little bit tight over the weekend. … Read more

Powerful Turmeric Smoothie: Can You Believe How Tasty it is?

I know I said that the ginger smoothie is my favorite one. Will you mind if I change that opinion now? Just kidding. I’ll drink both of them. I can’t get enough of these smoothies. Beside eggs, they are my favorite breakfast. How can a smoothie keep you full until lunch? – Have a smoothie … Read more