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Casual Outfits: 25 Practical & Amazing Ideas [For Women]

Looking for some good and “easy-to-do” casual outfits ideas? Well… glad to have you here. We went through a lot of stylish looks and pick the top 25 that you would like to save and use when you need to come up with a casual wear for different occasions.

Are you ready to make some outfit changes this year?

If the answer is yes, I suggest you click on the Pinterest icon everytime you see an outfit that would look good on you. Below, you will find many casual outfits with jeans (my favorite). If you were looking for casual wear for ladies 2017 and 2018 I’m sure you’ll like these.

Without further ado, let’s see the casual outfits for women:

1. The “It’s Friday” Look

This is a combination that I would wear if I had a tough week and finally Friday is here. The black shoes are here to lift me and my spirit up although I hate my boss and the work sucks. But hey, at least the guy from procurement is cute and I have big weekend plans.

2. The “Stylish” Look

This is a combination that I see myself wearing if I have a big promotion at work coming up for me or if we organize an event where I have a leading role. If there are cameras, I definitely want to look flawless and yet casual.

3. The “Event Organizer” Look

This outfit brought back memories of the days I was working in an event organizing company. We didn’t have any strict dress code but I always wore something that will allow me to move fast and also look good in front of the guests.

4. The “Date” Look

This is definitely something that I would LOVE to wear on a date. To be honest, I love date afternoons more vs. date nights. Maybe I’m getting old but I really love to have a good time watching the sunset after a delicious lunch. And this is the perfect combination for that occasion 🙂

5. The “Tuesday” Look

Monday sucked. But, today is Tuesday and after a morning meeting I got out to just chill, snack and dring my favorite smoothie before I come back to the office and answer all those emails. When I opened my casual outfits section in my closet, this is the outfit I’ve picked.

6. The “Milano” Look

I went on a shopping in Milan. (I haven’t been there but this is my fantasy so bear with me) The first day I was rocking my casual Vans and a backpack. Then I saw what the Italian ladies wear during the day and I got inspired. This is what I was wearing the second day. I fell in love with the “secretive” Italian streets.

7. The “Fashion Blogger” Look

If I was a fashion blogger, this is something that I would wear if they invite me for an interview or some “secret” fashion project.

8. The “Agency Life” Look

I always wanted to work in a creative agency in… let’s say…New York. I’m sure that my colleagues will be all dressed up for work so I would probably want to be on that level, wearing stylish clothes. This will be my style.

9. The “Rome” Outfit

I actually visited rome in 2015. It was spring. I love spring and the spring outfit. Picture this: sun, tiny espresso, the smell of flowers and the noise from the people and the Italian scooters in the background while you enjoy your afternoon with the man of your dreams. This white shoes are awesome for shopping btw. 🙂

10. The “Monday” Look

This is the combination of clothes that I would wear if I was a person that doesn’t hate Mondays. LOL The loose shirt just shows how much Monday is scared of me instead of vice-versa. Right?

11. The “Photoshoot” Look

My friend is organizing a “ladies” gathering in their new house. They have a huge backyard and she invited all of us to check it out. She said that there will be a bartender and a professional photographer there. (she thinks she is an Instagram influencer). If this was my story, I would wear this combination of clothers.

12. The “Shopping” Look

I have my cousin coming over to take her to shopping. She is younger than me and she sees me as someone that can help her reimagine her style. So I would pick this combination of jeans and shirt. (I looove the shirt) I don’t know about the shoes tho’…

13. The “Chill” Look

I see this as a weekend outfit when I visit my favorite coffee shop. What do you think?

14. The “Amsterdam” Look

My best friend lives in Amsterdam. She says that the Dutch ladies there don’t dress up too much. Meaning, they have their extremely casual outfits. She was all about high heels and makeup but now she says that she wears jeans and casual shirts all the time. But…”I wear my favorite red shoes from time to time” she said. This style reminded me of her…and that I need to call her.

15. The “CEO Lady” Look

If I had a cosmetics company or let’s say a makeup brand…I would dress like this on casual office days for sure. I’m not sure about the shoes but…see myself wearing them

16. The “Monaco” Look

Have you been to Monaco? I see you wearing this on a yacht gathering where the owner of the yacht is my husband’s friend and he wants to celebrate his new real estate deal with his closest friends. Why yacht you ask? Well the bag is perfect for a windy and rocky place when you need to hold your accesories tight.

17. The “Hipster” Look

This is perfect for my IDGAF days. I just want to go out and chill without anyone bothering me or mentioning my terrible weekend.

18. The “Nice” Look

Nice as the capital of the Alpes-Maritimes department on the French Riviera. A magnificent place where everyone looks good, feels good and wears amazing clothes. This is what I would wear if you invited me to your Cannes party.

19. The “I love fall” Look

This is something that I would wear if it is September and I miss the summer but I love fall too 🙂 I like the green coat. I think it gives a good #vibe to the people around me. Also, I think this combination can be adapted for winter and be one of your casual outfits for winter. What do you think?

20. The “Cozy” Look

Or in other words the “huggable” style for days when I want to see my family or my lovely friends. I would wear this when I need to laugh a lot but also hug everyone that I meet that day so they can compliment my sweater.

21. The “Look At My Bag” Look

That’s a fine bag. It matches my green blazer perfectly and just looks how the sunglasses connect with my shoes. I can call this “the power girl” wear or “the best of the best” casual outfits

22. The “Thursday” Look

Wednesday was bad and everyone loves Friday. But, Thursday is my day and I dress up like this so I can show my colleagues that we have things to do although the weekend is coming up.

23. The “On a train” Look

If I were in a movie and I was playing the role of a busy girl that every morning takes the train to work, this would be my casual outfit. I love the green pants. I’m buying this outfit for me ASAP.

24. The “Tourist” Look

Or in other words, this can easily go under the “casual outfits for teenage girl” category. Every time I want to feel young again or when I am a tourist and visiting a foreign country, I’ll go with a combination like this. 

What do you think about the casual outfits above?

If you like them, don’t forget to save them on your Pinterest board. READ NEXT: 15 Stylish Fall Outfits For Fashionable Pregnant Ladies And after that some reviews about : Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Also, don’t forget to share this with all of your friends.

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