Car Camping Tips for Beginners

Car camping is one method of camping that some people love. While many of us are comfortable driving to our destinations and setting up a tent, what about actually sleeping in your car? Here are a few things to know about car camping:

1. The Benefits

There are plenty of benefits to be gained from relying on your car. Your other options include backpacking or cycling, but that’s much more tiresome and you are restricted on what you can bring. Alternatively, you might be considering a caravan or an RV, but these come with a bigger price tag, and you probably already own a car, right? You can still pack a tent for traditional camping, but having a suitable car allows you a little more luxury if you need it, and some extra security. All you really need to pay for is your fuel.

2. Consider Where You Park

Camping in your car means you could park up anywhere, but not everywhere is ideal. You should make sure there are no restrictions where you park up, do a bit of research, and pick suitable locations beforehand. Make sure your car is locked and you have the keys to hand. Camping in a regulated camping ground is realistically the safer option than parking up in the middle of nowhere. Trust your gut and don’t camp anywhere you don’t feel right. Remember, the joy of car-camping is that you can just drive away at any point you want.

3. Don’t Forget

If you’re relying solely on your car, you want to make sure you have plenty of fuel and all the right gear to fix your car, including a jump-starter cable in case your battery dies. To avoid draining your car battery, bring the usual camping gear like battery-powered lamps and power-banks to charge your phone and devices. You will probably want to bring a portable stove, flashlight, cooler and cooking utensils. There are plenty of great items you could bring along, so read up on guides and see what suits your needs. If you are booking a camping ground, you will have access to facilities like toilets, showers and bins to dispose your rubbish. Never leave your rubbish behind and adhere to any fire-starting rules.

4. The Right Car

Car camping should be done in the right car to be enjoyed comfortably. Having a spacious car like a Kia Sorrento to flatten the seats and sleep in is important, so a 3-row seater is going to be your best choice. For the best comfort, you want a car to fit an airbed or mattress in the back, so find one that can be converted easily. If you don’t have a car that lends itself well to comfortable camping conversion, consider hiring a car for a specific journey you plan on making. The costs of hiring a car can easily beat the costs of booking a hotel or accommodation, and it will be a much more fun experience.

Anyone can enjoy car-camping, as long as you are comfortable with skipping a bit of luxury. Hopefully these tips can give you a little insight into the car-camping life – happy camping!

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