Don’t Ignore The Cancer Symptoms That Show Up on Your Hands

Everything was great this morning. I woke up around 7am.

I brushed my teeth. I got down to “catch” my husband preparing pancakes with bananas and eggs.

He wanted to surprise me. I quickly made my morning-refreshing smoothie. I split it with him, of course.

The pancake I had after the smoothie tasted so good. The pancakes were kind of sweet. I asked him if there was sugar in it.

He answered, “No, there is only a tablespoon of raw honey and cinnamon”.

After that breakfast, he said he opened up a tab on the tablet for me to read.

There it was. This hand with cancer symptoms. I quickly read what it’s all about and my morning was ruined.

I got worried because many people don’t even know some cancers could show their symptoms on their hands.

Different types of cancers need different treatments and show different symptoms.

According to this source, several British scientists found out that the first signals of cancer are shown on the hands.

They appear in a form of unprovoked swellings or cracks. It’s also visible as thickening and the skin becomes harsh.

Just like on this picture


From what I’ve read, most people are not aware of this. They think it’s a consequence of something they did lately.

After you notice this, it’s really ideal if you go and confirm that you are healthy without signs of life-threatening cancer.

If this symptoms help you notice cancer, the doctors and nutritionists will later give you the proper diagnose.

I’m sharing this with you just to make sure all of you are safe and well prepared if something like this occurs.

Now you need to do the same thing. Share this with your friends. Make them aware of this.

Source: Healthy Life Tricks

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