Can You Spot Which Egg Comes From a Healthy Chicken?

Let’s talk eggs.

You know how eggs are the most powerful source of lots of vitamins and protein.

Healthy people can’t imagine their life without eggs. They eat eggs every morning. It’s the best energetic start for the day.

Now. It’s really important for you to know this.

I bet you buy your eggs from the supermarket. Do you know if these eggs are from healthy chicken?

You don’t.

Luckily you can spot the difference and choose whether to buy eggs from that supermarket or from another place.

It’s not important if there is a “tag” saying that these eggs are 100% organic. Are they?

All eggs look the same, but they are not. They all look organic, vegetarian and all of them are cheap. They are all yellow and the yolk is not that thick.


In the US, we don’t have the chance to consume an egg that comes from a healthy chicken. It’s very rare.

People eat eggs. These eggs have probably the same nutrition facts as the organic egg.

It’s not all about the eggs. It’s more about the chickens and what they eat.

If you talk to a farmer or someone who spent his life among chicken and eggs, you will see the difference.

He will tell you that:

  •      Chickens that eat more insects and eat the right diet produce eggs with darker yolks
  •      These yolks are thicker
  •      The egg shelves are also thicker, but hard to crack open
  •      The eggs have higher levels of Omega-3
  •      Xanthophylls are prevalent in orange yolks and provide bigger nutritional value

It’s important for you to understand that chickens don’t need to be vegetarian to give healthy eggs.

They are not vegetarian. They are more like omnivores. That’s why eggs with “vegetarian” label are suspicious. These eggs don’t come from a healthy chicken.

The egg gets its colors through diet and synthetic formulas. It’s important for you to make a difference and know where all the eggs are coming from.

Healthy chicken means healthy eggs.

Let’s turn our attention to yolks. The color is determined by the hen’s diet. Not by the breed.

The hen’s diet rich with yellow corn, green plants, alfalfa, and other similar plants rich with xanthophyll pigment will give darker yellow-orange yolk.

Diets of hens that are rich in wheat will produce pale yellow yolks. Hens fed with white cornmeal will produce colorless yolks.

Remember one thing. Free-range hens have access to more heavily pigmented food so they will produce eggs with darker yolks.

What does this mean?

I have a personal supplier for eggs. I know what are his hens fed and it’s the best option for me.

I’m not saying that the other eggs are not healthy. It’s just their structure. It doesn’t contain what it should contain.

The level of healthiness is definitely lower. That’s why I prefer and advice you to buy organic eggs from farmers you know.

Try to find the perfect farmers in your area. Make a deal with them and start eating organic eggs from a healthy chicken.

Source: Powerful Primates

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