Can You Have Beer Delivered In Toronto?

During uncertain times like these, it can be hard to find money for social outings. However, there are many ways to spend that money on delicious Ontario craft beer without leaving the comfort of your own home!

Several Toronto breweries offer delivery. Some are offering free local alcohol delivery, while others charge a $10 flat rate for shipping.

Henderson Brewery

When it comes to craft brews, Henderson Brewing Company is one of Toronto’s top players. Located in the Junction Triangle neighborhood, the brewery has a thriving community and an ever-changing lineup of tried-and-true beers.

The most recent addition to the brewery’s menu is a partnership with Bench Brewing, which will see the production of Henderson’s year-round brands shift from the brewery in Toronto to Bench’s facility in Beamsville. In addition, Henderson’s monthly Ides series will also be brewed from Bench’s premises in the future.

On May 28th, Henderson is hosting a day-long event called Under the Big H to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Toronto’s first brewer. This fun-filled beer festival will feature international breweries and carnival acts, like stilt walkers and high-wire aerialists.

At the helm of this project is CODO Design, a Toronto-based brand communications firm that has worked with Henderson since 2016. They recently undertook an extensive brand refresh encompassing their core identity, packaging, and merch.

Their new look will be rolled out across all channels, from their website to social media presence. This is a great way for them to establish a stronger brand identity and better connect with their customers.

They have also taken a few steps to minimize their impact on the environment, including a new delivery model that reduces waste. They’re piloting the use of milk crates to ship their beer, and if the results are positive, it will be extended to all deliveries. For a $5 refundable deposit, your beer will be delivered in a crate that can’t be opened and contains no plastic-covered packaging. The crate will then be recycled or reused.

Mill Street Brewery

Mill Street Brewery is a Toronto-based brewery that produces a variety of organic ales and lagers. The company also operates a number of brewpubs across the country and has won several awards in Canada and abroad.

As an established craft brewer, Mill Street wanted to refresh its brand design to better communicate its story and keep up with its evolving business model. They asked Hired Guns Creative to help them re-invent their logo and packaging to emphasize the brand’s core principles while making them stand out as unique.

The rebrand focuses on a narrative arc highlighting their place in Canadian brewing history and connecting them with the industry’s present state. It reflects the evolution of its beer from its original small-batch brews to its current lineup of organic craft beers.

We developed a series of illustrations that illustrate the arc, placing Mill Street within the context of Canadian brewing. They are incorporated throughout the top band of their cans and secondary packaging (4-packs, 12-packs, etc.) in colors appropriate to their product line.

Each of the four core organic beers (Original Organic Lager, 100th Meridian Amber Lager, Tankhouse Ale, and Cobblestone Nitro Stout) share a common color palette and design narrative that helps each brand stand out as distinct while also showcasing the shared story of the brewery’s relationship with organic ingredients and craft production.

We updated the design of their organic beers with custom typographic elements to break up their core lineup and help each beer stand out from the rest. For example, 100th Meridian Amber Lager uses ample space, futurist typographic elements, and a clean color palette to represent vast fields of grain, while Cobblestone Nitro Stout features eponymous cobblestones nested among the barley sheaf from their original label design.

Left Field

Left Field is a baseball-inspired brewery that brews distinct and full-flavored beers. They were established in Toronto in 2013 by husband-and-wife Mark and Mandie Murphy.

They are an active member of the community and support a number of different grassroots organizations working to dismantle systemic inequities through their “Beer for Everybody” program. Moreover, they also donate proceeds from their beers to local food banks and other charities.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the brewery has taken a significant income loss. Fortunately, they are not completely self-isolating like many other businesses and are still paying their employees enough to live comfortably on minimum wage.

As a small business, the owner of Left Field says that being able to pay their employees a living wage is essential to their survival. They provide their workers with dental and medical insurance and have safety rules in place to keep them safe at the brewery.

In addition to brewing, they also sell their beer and merch online through their website. They offer a variety of kegs of their beers, as well as select growlers and bottles to take home.

Another aspect that makes Left Field special is that they offer free same-day home beer delivery in Toronto. This service is available for orders that are $50 or more.

If you live within their 427, Major Mackenzie Drive, and Brock Road boundaries, you can order online, and your beer will be delivered right to your door. They also have a special promo code, which you can find on their website, which you can use to get your delivery for free.

Left Field is one of Toronto’s best places to visit if you’re looking for a great new craft beer. It’s a fun, friendly environment with a good variety of beers to choose from and a great bottle shop.

Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers is a family-owned brewery with a taproom and bottle shop inside an intimate white brick-walled garage. Their logo is tattooed on the vertical sliding door, representing the pledge of kinship. It’s an oath that the brothers take to make beers that their families and friends will love.

The brewery also has an online store selling a wide variety of beer and other merchandise. They also offer free delivery to Toronto, Mississauga, and Ontario if you order over $50 before taxes.

In addition to delivering, Blood Brothers also donate a portion of the proceeds from their online sales to charity in their community. For example, they recently donated five thousand dollars to the Parkdale Community Food Bank.

If you are interested in ordering from them, check their website to see if they have a specific time and day when their delivery is available. If not, they will still deliver within a two-day window.

A wide range of beers are on offer, including Abattoir Barrel-aged Farmhouse Ale, Black Label Dark Lager, Devil’s Trill #2, God’s Flesh Barrel-aged Brett IPA, Lemon & Ginger Paradise Lost, Shumei IPA, Unify or Die Stout and White Lies Sour Ale. The website is updated every Friday, and you can place your order before 11 am to guarantee that it will be delivered the following day.

They are a popular choice for those looking for beer delivery in Toronto and other areas of Ontario. They charge a flat $10 for shipping to all parts of the province, but they’ll deliver for free if you order over $50 before taxes.

There are a lot of great breweries that offer beer delivery in Toronto and across the province. It’s a fantastic way to support local breweries, avoid the crowds and still enjoy some of the best craft beer in the city!

Junction Craft Brewery

Located in Toronto’s Junction neighborhood, Junction Craft Brewery started with a mission to create the highest-quality, hand-crafted beers. It has since grown and expanded its product offering and now offers great new styles and brands available across the province.

JCBC is an innovation-focused beverage producer and produces over 70 different products for more than 30 partners. The company also produces a variety of beverages under its own labels, including Junction Craft Brewery and Woodhouse Brewing Co.

The company is located in an old factory and uses an industrial brewing process to make beer. The building is designed to maintain its heritage while allowing for the modern production of high-quality products.

There are plenty of options for ordering a growler or a bottle online and having it delivered to your doorstep. JCB will deliver anywhere in Toronto and across the province. They have a very detailed schedule for delivery, and you’ll be able to see when your order will arrive in an email.

They have a variety of beers on tap, and they rotate new ones regularly. It is a nice place to come with friends and have a drink.

During difficult times like these, many breweries are working to support the community by giving back to local food banks. It’s important to consider where your money is going and what you’re supporting when ordering a craft beer in Toronto.

Whether you’re looking for an award-winning traditional style ale or a more experimental IPA, Henderson has what you need. They are currently offering free home beer delivery in Toronto on orders of $50 or more. They will also donate to a local food bank when you place your order.