Can Vaping be counted as A Healthy Practice?

When we talk about something being healthy or not, there are a number of things that one can look into. First of all, you need to see if there are any major advantages. Keeping that in mind, you move on and see if there are any negative impacts of the same thing. Finally, you can compare both the merits and de-merits and see which one weighs heavier. If the benefits are larger in number, one can just stop there and come up with a decision that the practice is indeed healthy. Well, the reason behind explaining this process is that we will be using it in order to find out whether vaping is healthy or not. So, without further ado, let’s directly jump into it and let the discussion begin:

Advantages of Vaping (more specifically; e-cigarettes)

Oaky, so when it comes to advantages, the only thing that one could possibly think of is the comparison between regular cigarettes and vaping. We have all heard that if a smoker wants to quit smoking, they can switch to vaping juice like naked 100 and eventually end that too. I wouldn’t say that it is completely wrong because vaping is less harmful than regular cigarettes. The only thing that one needs to focus on is that it is still harmful. Along with that, it is an addiction and most of the times, in hope of getting rid of one addiction; you end up getting caught by another one. Apart from this, it is really difficult to think of anything positive about vaping so we can now move on to the next step and take a look at the disadvantages of vaping.

Disadvantages of Vaping

Unlike the above part, the list here can go on for a while. The reason behind it is that when we know that something is less harmful in comparison to another thing, we know for a fact that it is still harmful. When it comes to vaping, and the use of electronic device in the process, it just leaves us with a number of questions. This is by far the biggest disadvantage of vaping; that we don’t know everything for sure, researchers have still a lot to find about it. When something is still to be discovered completely and the only part that is evident shows that it is harmful, one can imagine how bad it can get.

Apart from that, another important reason why vaping cannot be counted as a healthy practice is the fact that instead of using it to get rid of smoking, non0smoker kids have started using it. This means that someone who didn’t have any intake of nicotine is now taking an additional amount. This gets worse when most of them end up using doing both; vaping and smoking which eventually transforms into various health diseases.

After taking a look at the briefing given, one can clearly identify that vaping is not healthy. One can establish this fact as it is just insane to regard something as healthy which is the cause of various health diseases.

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