Can SARMs For Women Help Muscle Growth?

The female anatomy is designed to contain between 24% to 30% muscle tissue depending on the age, while most men have from 40% to 50%. Although more men than women have a genetic advantage in this regard as their bodies already have more muscle tissues, it’s entirely possible for women to develop their muscle mass too using proper nutrition, exercise, and weightlifting geared toward muscle building.

A good diet, combined with regular exercise and a good nutritional supplement, can help increase a woman’s muscle mass and tone. However, women have to exert more effort for them to gain muscles as their bodies naturally have 6 to 11 percent more body fat than men.

Aside from the structure of their bodies, women usually struggle to gain muscles because of hormonal imbalances. For one, hormonal imbalance may cause weight gain in women, making it more challenging for them to gain muscles and lose fats in their bodies. The natural structure of a woman’s body is one of the reasons why they would use muscle enhancers like Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators or SARMs. 

If you’ve been wanting to gain muscles for years but to no avail, continue reading below so you’ll acquire great ideas for getting started on your endeavor to build muscles:

What Are SARMs? 

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) are used to enhance the levels of androgens like testosterone. Androgens are any synthetic or natural steroid hormone that has the ability to regulate the development and maintenance of male characteristics by binding androgen receptors to the body of the user. The effect of enhancing these hormones may help lead to fat loss, lean muscle growth, and bone strength. All of these help muscle builders to achieve their fitness goals.  

Testosterone is the main anabolic steroid hormone present in the body. It’s often considered as a male hormone, but, women also produce testosterone in their systems. Some of its functions in a women’s body include the appearance of facial hair and an increase in muscle mass.

SARMs help increase muscle mass in a woman’s body by mimicking how testosterone works in a man’s body. If you consume SARMs regularly, the compounds from the drug will link themselves to your androgen receptors (usually found in your bones, kidney, and muscle tissues) resulting in enhanced protein synthesis, increased nitrogen retention, and overall strength. 

Moreover, testosterone in SARMs can increase the body’s muscle protein synthesis and improve the utilization of amino acids in the body. This process will make it easier for the body to repair damaged muscles. 

Muscle Building In Women 

Muscle building for women also involves finding ways to incorporate good fats into the diet. While men and women have plenty of fat stores in their bodies, men have more storage capacity for it. By eating lots of lean meats, low-fat dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables, a woman can ensure that her body has the right types of fat it needs to develop muscle properly. 

While muscle building for women should include some basic exercises that target muscle groups such as the abdominal and lower back, they will also benefit from resistance training and circuit training exercises. Resistance training is a type of exercise that focuses on increasing the amount of stress on one muscle group at the expense of another, such as holding a weight plate above one’s head or using free weights for bench presses or squats. On the other hand, circuit training, such as jumping jacks, burpees, mountain climbers, and sprints uses many exercises over a short period. 

How SARMs Help Women 

When women take SARMs, their testosterone levels may become enhanced. As an effect, a woman’s energy levels will increase, and they will be able to work out better. Enhancing testosterone will also positively affect the skeletal muscle mass, protein absorption, and burning of carbohydrates. Some studies revealed that SARMs are also used for different diseases in women like breast cancer, sarcopenia, and cachexia.

Steroids and SARMs provide the same benefits but they have different mechanisms. Steroids for sale stimulate muscle tissues for them to grow and bulk up, while SARMs work by binding themselves with the androgens found in your body. SARMs are considered a safer option between the two because it doesn’t have any negative impact on other organs in the body, but this doesn’t mean that SARMs are completely safe to use.

There have been reports in the past stating how SARMs can increase a person’s risk of heart attack, and liver damage as well. Fortunately, there are now certain types of SARMs that are safer as these can be used without raising levels of a protein linked to prostate cancer and other health conditions. 

If you’re interested to use SARMs to help you build more muscles, it’s best if you check with a medical professional first. Sure, many women have been using SARMs as their benefits are very promising but keep in mind that your body might react differently to the drug. Asking for your doctor’s advice will help you prevent side effects, and ensure that you stay safe in your entire muscle-building journey.

Final Thoughts 

Muscle building for women is an ongoing process and will likely require some additional hard work to maintain muscle gains. It’s important that a woman would keep trying new techniques during workouts to make muscles as strong and tight as possible. While a lot of this will depend on an individual’s hormonal factors and overall health, a woman can achieve her fitness goals by choosing to maintain a healthy weight, eating the right muscle building diet, and pursuing a healthy lifestyle continually by going for the healthier options all the time while saying goodbye to habits and practices that can be detrimental to her health.

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