Here is How You Can Look Gorgeous With Glitter Eye Shadow

If you are interested in how to make your eyes look awesome, this tutorial is what you need.

Glitter eye shadow looks gorgeous. But, if we are honest, not everybody wants their eyes to shine like this.

Glitter eye shadows are perfect if you are going to a special event.

Follow this tutorial and you will master the whole thing. It’s not something complicated and I am pretty sure you will feel confident after few minutes into it.

Lets jump right into it.

Tip 1: If you want to have that stunning look you need a smooth foundation.


Tip 2: Keep that shine only on your eyes. Don’t make your whole face look too shiny. Tone down the cheek and don’t add sparkles. You don’t want to detract from the effect of your eyeshadow.


Tip 3: Soften your lip. Tone it down for exposing your eyes. Go with something neutral. You’ll want to avoid mixing glossy lips and glittery eyes that will make your face too shiny.


Tip 4: Use your glitter shadow as the primary accent. Don’t build your entire eye with the glitter shadow. Build the shape in neutral creamy eye shadows and add the glitter shadow like the cherry on top. Bare eyelids won’t hold the sparkles.


Tip 5: The magic is hidden in the application. To make your eyes perfect and avoid having glitter all over your face you need the correct path for applying. Just take the brush and dab it into a very small amount of your makeup to pick up glitter. Gently press on the area you want to accent. Don’t try to paint the eye because the particles will cover your whole face. Getting them off is very difficult. You want to apply the glitter just on the eye and the area you want to accent.


Tip 6: Glitter or Shimmer? – This is your choice, but I always prefer glitter. To be honest I do mix them sometimes.


Tip 7: Repairing can be tricky. If you find some glitter particles on your face, a scotch tape would probably help you get rid of them.


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