Can A Direct Mailing List Make Your Business Money?

The internet has changed the way people do just about everything in their lives. They manage their bank accounts and pay bills through secure online portals. Their holiday shopping can all be done with a few clicks on their mobile device. 

Because of the dramatic increase over the last decade in online usage for daily tasks, many people believe their business should opt-out of using direct mail as an option for their marketing strategies.

But the truth is, direct mail is absolutely an effective way to reach your audience. The important question to ask yourself when working on your marketing strategy is who your target audience is. If you’re trying to reach young adults fresh out of college, direct mail might not be the best approach. 

However, if your target audience is men and women over the age of sixty who are looking to downsize their homes, a real estate direct mailing list to send postcards or flyers to may be an incredibly effective tactic to acquire more business.

Here are a few ways in which you can still make money and increase revenue through direct mailing lists for your business.

Be Critical In Defining Your Direct Mailing List

There is a rule that was created by Edward Mayer, a leader in the marketing field, that is critical to anyone who believes direct mailing is an effective strategy. The “40-40-20 rule” states that the success of your direct mailing performance is based on three tiers: 40% of your success will be based on your audience, 40% from the message and what it is you’re offering, and 20% from the creative execution for your postcard, flyer, or other print collateral.

If almost half of your success is determined solely on who your audience is, it’s crucial that you are as specific in narrowing down to whom and where you’re mailing your print materials. You won’t want to waste time, money, and resources because you’ve sent your materials to the wrong type of client.

Get Creative with Your Print Materials

Creating print materials that coincide with your message, brand, and call to action can make or break a potential new customer’s decision to do business with you. If your direct mail piece is cluttered and clunky or lacks design work that doesn’t guide the consumer’s eyes towards your call to action, you might be missing out on a new sale or lead.

There are ample free options available to help you design print materials that are user-friendly. Programs like Canva offer free templates where you can plug in your text and easily change your colors to match your brand. If you’re still leery on the design element, it might be worth outsourcing your design work to help you out.

What You Say and Offer Matters

In order to make money from your direct mail, you’ll want to get crystal clear on your message. How you speak to your potential customers and what it is you’re offering them can easily prompt them to take the next step based on what you’re providing them. 

Get clear with a call to action. Do you want your customer to visit your website to fill out a survey? Maybe you want them to call you directly for a quote. Provide very specific directions on what it is you want them to do, and provide an offer or incentive for them to want to take the action in the first place.

To wrap it up, direct mail can in fact be an effective and profitable marketing strategy for your business. It’s about getting clear about who your audience is, where they live, and how you want to communicate with them. 

Not sure where to start? Reach out to a direct mailing professional who can help you design your print materials and provide you with a specific mailing list that fits your needs.