Buying Wholesale CBD Flowers Online? Avoid Making These Mistakes

CBD flowers are just becoming legal in many states, which means flocks of new buyers and tons of new scams for those new buyers. People who are new to buying CBD flowers are seen as easy to scam, so they are targeted in many scams.

Still, you have to purchase CBD flowers to become experienced at buying CBD flowers. You have to try it in order to be able to spot scams.

So, while you’re getting used to pricing, here are a few ways to avoid scams and fake sites when trying to purchase CBD flowers online.

Make sure the price is right

In many cases, if the price seems too good to be true, then it is. If prices on one site are drastically lower than others, be cautious when looking at that site.

Once you have become familiar with pricing, it should be easier to tell when things are worryingly cheap. Until then, make sure you check several online stores like MHF and others before ordering from one and use the other tips on this list to make sure you don’t get scammed.

You want to make sure that you are checking websites of companies that grow their own CBD flowers as well. That will give you an idea of how low the price can be if companies cut out the middlemen. Companies like Mr Hemp Flower do that very well.

If prices are on the edge of too low, look closely into the details of the website, and check out some of the other possible red flags.

Just because prices are low does not mean that the site is illegitimate. That being said, if the price is drastically different than on other sites, you should be cautious and consider buying from somewhere else.

Check that certification

If the seller you’re looking at is very new to the market, try to steer clear. The best-sellers are ones that have been building a customer base for months or years.

New sellers are by no means always scams, but because they don’t have reviews or a customer base, you can’t tell if they are or not. They don’t have any proof that they are legit.

Sellers that have been in the market for years know what they’re doing, and they have the reviews and the customer base to prove it. They are also more experienced and will most likely provide a better customer service experience to you.

In addition, while their prices may be slightly more, an established business is much more likely to stay open, so you can perfect your order and be loyal to the same site.

Read, read, read the reviews

If reviews are available, and you aren’t sure about the legitimacy of the site, read every review. Ratings can be very telling about the quality of the site.

If reviews are negative or mention not getting what they ordered, be cautious when buying from that site. If reviews are positive, you can feel more optimistic about purchasing CBD flowers from the site.

If there aren’t any reviews available, search the site on a search engine. Often, there are reviews on third party sites that you can read. These reviews can help you make an educated decision on whether or not to buy from that site.

If you can’t find any reviews at all, you could still buy from the site if everything else seems to be in order, but you should be cautious about your order.

Be cautious with your private information

If you have bought online before, you should have a good idea of the information that is commonly needed to make a purchase. If a site asks for more or different information, be cautious.

Don’t use payment platforms you are unfamiliar with when purchasing CBD flowers. Make sure you don’t share private information that you wouldn’t share to make a purchase.

If you have to use a new platform to make the purchase, be sure to look into the platform to make sure it is legitimate.

If you still aren’t sure about the platform after looking into it, the best choice would be to choose a different store to buy from, at least the first time you buy. Better safe than sorry.

Don’t brush off grammar mistakes

Spelling and grammar mistakes can be a red flag on websites. If there are more than a couple of spelling and grammar mistakes, look further into the legitimacy of the website.

Although the website could still be okay, many scams include poor spelling and grammar.

Professional websites go through several rounds of editing, so they are less likely to have spelling and grammar mistakes. Scams are generally less edited.


With these tips, you’ll be an expert buyer in no time. The general rule of thumb is if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Be on the lookout for crazy deals and insane products in your purchasing.

If there are more than a few red flags, consider purchasing from somewhere else that’s probably more safe and legitimate. Good luck and have fun.

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