Buying the right guitar is the first step towards creating a successful musician

What is it about Dix Hills that make people want to groove? Is it the occasional distant melody of “A Love Supreme” playing from a shop window or a sleepy home? Is it the rich history of the musical revolution that surrounds this quaint town?

Almost every resident of Dix Hills, NY loves music, and a majority of them either sing or play an instrument. When asked, they always seem sure that their love affair with music began even before they could do long divisions. It is time for the next generation of Dix Hills residents to carry the tradition forward.

How to nurture your child’s interest in music?

Children are most vulnerable to the magnetism of music. One of the first instruments that attract their attention is the guitar. They grow up watching the lead guitarist of any band steal the show. It is only natural for children to develop a reverence for the instrument from an early age. Some music schools in Dix Hills, NY enroll children as young as five years for music lessons.

If your little one is already playing the air guitar during family gatherings and trying to sing the riffs of classic guitar solos, then it is time to invest in their first music lesson. You can take the first step by searching for “guitar lessons near me in Dix Hills.” It should generate a comprehensive list of the leading music schools that offer guitar classes for kids in your locality. Depending on whether you are using Bing or Google, the list may vary a little. However, you are likely to find the best music and guitar schools right on top.

Why should children begin on the guitar and not a mandolin or ukulele?

The next step and one of the most challenging ones too are finding the right guitar for the little one. Children have small and delicate hands. It is preposterous to want them to begin on an adult-sized guitar.

Some parents automatically think about getting mandolins and ukuleles for their kids since these instruments are small and easier to manage than a conventional large guitar. However, these instruments are minutely different from guitars, and if you want your child to develop guitar playing skills from the very beginning, you should imperatively stick to a child-sized guitar only.

Should you purchase an acoustic or an electric guitar?

The guitar comes in the two basic types – acoustic and electric. The electric guitar is everyone’s reverie. Who does not want to grow up to be another Jimmy Page or Slash? However, ask your child if that’s exactly what he or she wants. Buying an electric guitar for tomorrow’s John Butler would be a real turnoff for the child. Listening to your child’s wishes can help you resolve more than half the confusion regarding the choice of the instrument.

You will come across several points of controversies regarding the advantages and caveats of starting a child off on an electric guitar. However, speak to the child’s instructor to find out how your child can benefit from both guitar types. There are no proven disadvantages of a child beginning his or her lessons on an electric guitar. Many find the doodads intriguing, and they pick up melodies much faster than their acoustic-learning counterparts.

On the same note, if your child wants to begin with an acoustic guitar, don’t discourage him or her. Every famous lead guitarist in the world sits down to unwind on an acoustic guitar at some point during the day. It is the very basis of a string instrument, and there are no known drawbacks of beginning one’s musical journey on an acoustic guitar.

Which guitar size should you buy for your child?

It is not the type of guitar you should worry about the most. You should consider the size of any guitar you purchase for the precious one. If possible, drive to a nearby music school of your choice for guidance on guitar sizes suitable for his or her little hands. Or, you can also find a music store in Dix Hills to try out the different guitar sizes. Here is a brief list of the different sizes and the approximate age of the player –

  1. 30-inches – the 30’ guitar is ideal for small children between the ages of four and six.
  2. 34-inches – this size is suitable for children between the ages of 6 and nine.
  3. 36-inches – this guitar size is ideal for ages between 9 years and 12 years
  4. Standard guitar sizes are perfect for teens and young adults

It is a rough guide, and the dimensions of the guitar for your child can vary considerably. Children can go through sudden growth spurts that make them able to play guitars larger than the dimensions recommended above. It is essential to consult an expert to find the best junior guitar and the type of strings for your aspiring little musician.

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