Busting 9 Common Misconceptions About Psychic Readings

From the streets of New Orleans to Italy, psychic readings continue to remain popular. You’ll see psychics in fairs, parties, online, or running their independent parlors. They are everywhere, which raises certain misconceptions about psychic readings and psychics in general. Are you interested in getting a psychic reading? This post is all about debunking any misconceptions that you might have. Let’s get started.

1. Psychic Readings Always Bring In Bad News

The whole concept of a psychic reading does have a slightly mysterious aura surrounding it. But that doesn’t mean that a psychic reading will always be a bearer of bad news. In fact, psychics are more concerned about providing you insights that will help you avoid unfortunate situations.

2. Every Psychic Prediction Will Come True

So a psychic reading told you that there’s a possibility of true love in your near future. And now you’re on the constant lookout for the one.

It’s important to accept every psychic reading with a pinch of salt. It’s a form of spiritual guidance that you can use to manifest your goals and dreams. It would be foolish to believe that every psychic prediction will come true.

3. You Have To Visit a Shady Dungeon For a Reading

What comes to your mind when the word ‘psychic’ is mentioned? Is it a dark, smokey room in a creepy alley with a dog howling in the background? Fortunately, that’s just imagery created by pop culture. In reality, psychic parlors aren’t threatening.

And thanks to the digital age, you can seek psychic guidance from the comforts of your home. Cheap psychic readings by phone or over text are quite convenient.

4. You Can Get Cursed by a Psychic

Are you scared of being cursed by a psychic? That’s just ridiculous. A psychic can’t and won’t curse you or put a spell on you. If someone is threatening to do that, they’re probably a fraud. In such cases, it would be best to leave immediately.

5. Psychics Are Mind Readers

You can’t just go to a psychic and expect them to know every single detail about you. Psychics can’t read minds! That would be seriously impressive and revolutionary, but it’s simply not true. They have heightened abilities and intuition, which allows them to discern the energy and give guidance.

6. Psychics and Mediums Are The Same

Psychics and medium readings are two completely different things. A psychic uses clairvoyance and clairsentience to provide you information about your present and future life. On the other hand, a medium is able to connect with the spirit world and communicate information from a deceased person.

7. Psychic Readings Can Solve Your Problems

As mentioned earlier, psychic readings can provide you guidance or help discover a deeper purpose. But you would be wrong to assume that a psychic can give you a magical formula to solve your relationship problems or improve your finances. It’s your responsibility to use the information from a psychic reading to solve your problems.

8. Psychic Are “On” 24/7

Do you sometimes get tired at work? Psychics are humans too who can get tired and can’t deliver accurate readings 24/7.

9. Psychic Readings Are Expensive

Like any other service, psychic readings are offered at a range of price points. The price depends on certain factors such as whether it’s in-person or phone reading, duration of the session, and so on. You can certainly get a psychic reading without shelling out a huge sum of money. If a psychic is asking for extortionate fees, look elsewhere.

Even if you’re doing it out of plain curiosity, a psychic reading can give you some insightful information. So leave your nerves behind and ask away!






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