These Effective Exercises Burn More Calories Than Running

Who doesn’t love running?

It’s fun when done with friends. It burns calories and you feel amazing after that.

You are little bit tired, but I call that good tired!

Right after you finish running, you go home, take a nice bath and prepare an amazing healthy meal.

I prefer a quick smoothie!

Everything looks better when you did your running part.

There are methods for you to burn more calories.

It’s getting cold outside and many of you will quit their running routine.

It shouldn’t be like that.

You can continue burning calories at home.

Most people think running is the only way.

Well, read this:


Even resistant training is not your only option.

There are more cardio options that will increase the tempo and force you to burn calories.

I found 10 exercises. Learn them. Try them, and you will be able to tell the difference.

Kettlebell Swing


Indoor Rowing




AirDyne Bike Sprints


Jumping Rope


Fat-Tire Biking



Cross-Country Skiing
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Tabata Jump Squats


Battling Ropes


Most of them are done indoor.



Choose wisely or make them all!

You will be able to see what burns more calories.

However, don’t quit running.

There are other benefits of running, not just burning calories.

Let’s start from tomorrow!

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