Building Attraction: 8 Ways to Make Yourself More Presentable to the Opposite Gender

Some people seem to attract attention regardless of where they go. What makes them so presentable to the opposite sex? Are they born this way or is it something that just comes naturally? Actually, anyone can garner this type of attention. It’s simply a matter of knowing what to do and not do to get noticed for all the right reasons. The following are some ways you can appear more presentable to the opposite sex.

Be Independent

Don’t rely on others to make you happy. Find outside interests and be ready and willing to talk about them. Most healthy relationships have two partners who have lives outside of the relationship, friends to spend time with, and hobbies or interests. Individuals who want to get a date on one of these sites need to spend time engaged in other activities. Sitting at the computer waiting for someone to respond isn’t healthy and the other person will pick up on this and look elsewhere.

Body Language is Important

People notice body language more than they realize. For instance, if you are talking to a person and their body is turned away like they are ready to leave the first chance they get, chances are you will cut the conversation short. When you wish to express interest in another person, it’s best to use an expansive posture. What exactly does this mean?

An expansive posture is one in which your arms and legs face outward. People often cross their arms and legs when they are closed off to someone, and that’s what you wish to avoid when you want to appear more attractive. Expansive postures show your openness, and research shows this makes you seem more attractive to men.

Furthermore, touching a man on the forearm is a sign you wish to build a connection or give him a hug. Men often lean forward when they find a woman attractive or tilt their heads. Pay attention to the signals a man is giving off and respond accordingly. If you find someone attractive and they are backing off, it might be time to try another tactic. Be aware, however, that some men aren’t good at nonverbal encouragement as it isn’t natural for them.

Make Eye Contact

Humans communicate with their eyes as well as their mouths. If you wish to spark someone’s interest, be sure to make eye contact with them. This makes you more attractive in their eyes, as it shows you are listening. If there is a particular male you have your eye on and want to know better, hold this eye contact a second longer than you would with an acquaintance. Furthermore, have your eyes slowly move over their face to express your interest. The right person will pick up on this and reciprocate or show in some way that they are taken or otherwise not interested.

Nod During a Conversation

Attractive individuals show they are paying attention to the person they are speaking with. In fact, one study found that simply by nodding when speaking to someone, a person appears up to 40 percent more attractive to the person they are conversing with. This is because they are engaging with the speaker rather than just standing there passively. This allows them to seem more likable and approachable. Try this simple trick today to see how others interact with you, as you may be surprised by what you find.

Spend Time with Friends

Research shows people appear more attractive when they are in a group. There’s a reason the actors in How I Met Your Mother frequently appeared in a group, and this is why. Call on your friends to go out to one of your favorite places and see how much attention you attract as compared to when you visit the same establishment alone. Many people are shocked to see there is a difference.

Never Stop Learning

People like to talk to those who are intelligent. This doesn’t mean a person must have multiple advanced degrees to attract the attention of the opposite sex. What every individual should do, however, is have their own beliefs and opinions and be ready to defend them to others. Members of both sexes enjoy being able to hold a meaningful conversation with their significant other and have someone who will stimulate them. Read the daily newspaper, pick up a book that you find challenging or travel. All can help to increase your worldview and make you a more interesting conversationalist.

Wear Dark Sunglasses

Celebrities are often photographed wearing dark sunglasses, and these accessories aren’t simply used to protect the eyes. In fact, putting on a pair of dark sunglasses makes a person look mysterious. This can lead to others wanting to know more about this person. In addition, the glasses make the face appear more symmetrical and people who wear them tend to look cool. Protection from the sun is just an added benefit of donning this accessory.


Self-confident individuals attract the attention of others, and this is true of both sexes. If you feel you are lacking in this area, there are some simple steps you can take today. First and foremost, always dress nicely when you are going out. This simply means wearing clothes without holes and ensuring your outfit is clean and presentable. Take the time to write down those things you are good at and remind yourself of them when walking into a new situation. People who do so find they are more confident as they know they can handle difficult things with ease. Learning a new skill is another great way to build confidence, and women might even find they meet their soul mate as a result of attempting something new.

Try these techniques today and see the great results you get from doing so. Once you have implemented a few of these measures, you’ll want to learn more. One thing to keep in mind, however, is you should always be yourself. This is what people respond to best, so don’t act fake. If you do so, others will pick up on it and turn away. It’s always best to be true to yourself, as this is what makes you presentable to others more than anything else.

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