Breaking the Big News: How to Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

How to surprise your husband with pregnancy?

Well, there are many different ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant. It could be the regular “hey, Hunny…we are having a baby” just after dinner, or you can go all out to be creative, just like the so many baby gender reveals parties we can’t get enough of.

Before the preps for the gynecologist visits, anti-natal care, pregnancy dos and don’ts guide, nursery building, baby shopping, baby shower, and gender reveal, you will have to break the news to your loved ones; top on the list being your husband.

 The news about being pregnant is an emotional one, especially for couples who have been trying to get pregnant. Beyond just breaking the news to your partner, you can decide to switch things up a bit and be more romantic and creative about it.  Make it memorable, make it unique, and make it yours with these seven ways:

5 Best ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant

If you want to be different and would instead go for more unique ways to drop the news on your significant other, we have rounded up amazeballs ways to tell your husband you have a tiny human growing inside you.

Want to find out?

Keep reading. Number 5 will move you to tears.

  • Plan a surprise baby shopping spree with him

How cool will it be to go grocery shopping with your hubby only to end up buying baby stuff instead? Charmer, right!   

At first, you might get somewhat are you doing, who are these for side remarks and side glances, but if you keep at it, he will get the gist in no time. Don’t forget to come with the camera to capture his expressions when he finds out you are both shopping for your baby.

  • Leave the test result for him to find

What better way to surprise your man about your pregnancy than for him to find the test results himself? A sneaky little yea, but worth it.

Sneak in the pregnancy test kit to the bathroom counter when you know he will be in there or leave the medical test result on his side of the bed for him to find.  To make it a little more creative, have someone drop the result for him at work with a cute little note.

  • Buy a special father gift

Get your husband with a “best dad in the world mug” or some books on becoming a new dad.  Have it delivered to him with a note congratulating him or play dumb and pretend not to know anything about it for a while. Either way, getting him ready for the task ahead with educating gifts like a book is a great way to let him in on the secret.

  • Spell it out using scrabble

For board game lovers, challenge your hubby to a board game of scrabble, and before he comes in for some fun, spell out the words “I am pregnant” with letters on the scrabble tiles.

You might get flagged for not playing by the game’s rules, but all that would be forgotten when he realizes he is about to become a real dad soon. Oh!  You probably may not see the super French kiss that will come right next. Wink wink

  • Prepare a table for three

Tell your husband you want to treat him to dinner. If you are going out to a restaurant, book a table for three before time. Then, when he asks who the third party is, tell him you are expecting someone soon—with already placed baby beeps and tiny napkins lined up in front of the empty seat.  Because truthfully, you are indeed expecting someone. See what we did there?  

On the flip side, if you’re having dinner at home, set the table for three, with the third seat having baby-appropriate cutleries only. Trust that he will get the memo and have paper towels ready because someone will be shedding a tear or two.