Bonding with Your Teenage Daughter

As your daughter grows older, you may find that your previous bonding methods no longer hold any interest. She may feel like she has grown out of playing with dolls, playing shop, or even having fake tea parties at home. While this is a normal part of growing up, you may still want to partake in activities that allow you to spend time together. This can involve altering the things that you do so that her interest is still held. By looking into the things she speaks of enjoying, or voices that she would like to do, you can open up more doors for mother-daughter time, that you can both look back on fondly in years to come.

See a Psychic

A number of teenage girls show an interest in magic and the occult. Whether you believe in it or not, you could attempt to understand her world by having a psychic reading together. This does not even need to be done in person. There is now a number of online mediums that you can both speak to – see – that will allow you to have a reading completed from the comfort of your own home. You do not need to take the results as gospel, but they can allow you both to see what your future might hold and, at the very least, have a uniquely enjoyable experience together.

Get a Manicure

As your teenage daughter grows up, she may think more about how she appears to others. Many young women enjoy having their nails done, as this can make them look and feel great. You may also have enjoyed this over the years. You can both visit a nail salon and have your nails done. You can choose between regular nail polish and gel polish, which can be more hard-wearing. If you want, you could both even have acrylic nails applied, although it is important that you check with her school if this is allowed prior to application.

Have a Spa Day

Building on the theme of self-care, you could also invest a little in a full spa day for yourself and your daughter. There are many options to choose from, such as having a facial or getting a massage. Some may allow you to use the facilities without opting for any extras, so you can relax the day away together in the pool, hot tub, or gym facilities, which can leave you feeling well rested, and keep that bond as strong as ever.

Engaging with your daughter in her teen years may sound difficult, especially if she is at a rebellious stage, but it can be incredibly important to ensure that space does not grow between you. At a time when she may be experiencing changes and peer pressure, letting her know that she is supported and loved can be crucial to help her make good life choices and feel secure in who she is.

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