Bodyweight Training When You’re Away From The Gym

Summer is almost here, and you might have a vacation or two, mapped out to last the months. Your house and gym subscription are likely to lay idle while you go all out to enjoy the sun. Well, there is almost no cause for alarm in staying built and fit while on vacay, as there are several bodyweight training that you can indulge, wherever you find yourself. You do not need to sign-up for a new gym membership that will last just a couple of weeks when you are away from home. Below is some bodyweight training you can engage while you are away on your trip.


One accessible training to do when you do not have access to your gym and all its equipment is the plank. You are to position yourself like you are about to do some pushups without doing the actual pushups. You either position yourself up or down towards your elbow and lay still for a couple of minutes. Asides the regular plank, you can do the side and the reverse ones as well.


This time, you are not only assuming the position for pushups, but you are doing it. Over time, people have done pushups the wrong way and are wondering why they are not getting results. For the most effective results, make sure you go all the way to the floor and back up, either from your knees or your feet. You can bring in a mix with the cross over pushups. Here, you touch your left shoulder with your right and then drop it, you repeat the process with the second and, and go over it for about 30 times.

Burpees/ Squat Thrusts

For this particular bodyweight training, you might want to put on some weight vest as you start your practice from being in a standing position to crouching down and your palms laying flat. After crouching, you quickly move on to the pushup position and then jump right up. For the effectiveness of this routine, you have to do all of the stages a couple of times consistently.

Mountain Climbers

Another weight vest training that you could do in your space without the need for a gym is called the mountain climbers.  Again, you start this routine in a pushup position and a very hurried format, bring one knee close to the chest, kick it out and then do the same for the other knee. It is almost like you are about to start a race on one spot.


Finally, on this list of weight vest training to do when there is no gym around is to do the Crunch. The crunch basically entails that you put your back to the ground and have your knees bent at a 90 degrees angle. Your hands are to be positioned just rightly on both sides of your head and then start the process. You are to try to lift your shoulders slightly off the ground without the use of your hands and then go back and up. This routine helps to tighten your abs, and this process should be repeated for a good number of times.

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