What Are The Warning Signs That Your Body Lacks Vitamins?

Our body is our temple.

Treat it right or it will suffer damage.

You don’t want to happen.

There are many things you can do for yourself.

Start from the beginning. Be disciplined. See the benefits.

Three steps to living a better life.

It’s not that simple. I know.

If you don’t start now you will never know.

Many people wished they started earlier.

In most cases, your body gives you the warning signs.

You just need to understand them and act immediately.

There is your start right there.

This time I will focus on vitamins.

Why we need vitamins?

I like to say that without vitamins we don’t have a life.

It’s simple as that.

Luckily, your body is here to warn you if you don’t have enough vitamin intakes in your diet.

Let’s get it going:

Vitamin A

Body Warnings:

  •      Dry Eyes
  •      Night Blindness
  •      Dry or Scaling skin
  •      Diarrhea

What to do to fix this? – Eat more carrots, tuna, squash or sweet potatoes

Vitamin C

Body Warnings:

  •      Slow wound healing
  •      Gingivitis
  •      Depression
  •      Nosebleeds
  •      Prone to bruising
  •      Bleeding gums
  •      Increased levels of blood pressure

What to do to fix this? – Eat citrus fruits or make sure you take 85 mg of Vitamin C every day.

Vitamin D

Body warnings:

  •      Bones soften over time
  •      Flu and infectious diseases
  •      Bumps that look like acne on the arms, thighs, butt and cheeks

What to do to fix this?

B2, B3, B7 and B12 Vitamins

Body warnings:

  •      Cracks at the corners of your mouth
  •      Hair problems (hair loss)
  •      Scaly and reddish rash on your face

What to do to fix this? – Include more chicken, salmon, claims, peanuts and legumes in your diet.

If you don’t care about your body, who will?

Remember: You are what you eat.

Keep it that way.

You don’t want your body to get mad at you for not treating it right.

Avoid bigger damage and start now!

Source: Steth News

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