32 Handmade Birthday Card Ideas for the Closest People Around You

When I say the closest people around you, I think about all those people you contact with on a daily basis.

Whether that’s your husband, sister, brother, mother, daughter, etc. they all deserve some appreciation.

I will try and cover all of them with these birthday gift cards.

Keep in mind that if the gift card is intended for your brother, it doesn’t mean that you can’t send it to a friend that’s like a brother to you.

Feel free to use these cards as an idea generator for you to think of some tweaks and make the gift card even better.

The best thing here is that you are going to succeed to surprise your loved ones with something special.

Even though it’s a small thing, it’s made with significant attention and love. No one said that you need to send this to them and not buy another present.

I’m sure that your loved one will appreciate something that comes from the heart.

Grab your idea and start crafting:

Surprise your favorite classmate

Handmade note for your best friends

Share some love with your grandmother

DIY greetings for your mom

Step-by-Step card making

A 3D-Card

Wishes for your boyfriend

Your nephew will love this

Greet your friends

Greetings for your best friend

Greet your girlfriend

Just for girls

For your niece

For boys

Handmade cards for buddies

Homemade greeting for men

Handmade crafted card for your daughter

Homemade card for men

How to make a birthday card

Another one

A good idea for birthday card for girls

Suprirse your grandpa

Bring smile to your dad’s face

Handmade birthday cards

Simple DIY card for your sister

DIY greet for women

Handmade card for the young ones

Handmade greeting for the teenagers

Unique DIY Card

Usual handmade birthday card

Best wishes for acquaintances

Cute huh?

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Don’t forget to share this with all of your friends. I’m sure it will help them.

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