Billie Eilish & Her Parents: Were They Poor?

At the age of 18, she had a net worth estimated at $6 million. Was she even poor before her celebrity?

Billie Eilish never belonged to a poor family generally. However, there were occasions in her early years when her family could not pay for certain things, for instance, horse-riding lessons. Since her teens, Eilish has had more money than she has to spend.

Continue reading to learn more about the wealth of Billie Eilish as well as the prosperity of her family when they were growing to maturity.

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Ocean Eyes To FAME

Billie Eilish didn’t have a typical upbringing, which is the truth. Her family grew up in Los Angeles, an inherently expensive city to reside in.

While their house was tiny, however, it was situated in a desirable area and was furnished. Her parents had experienced their own share of fame acting as singer-songwriters and actors.

Her parents chose to let their children attend school at home and both Billie as well as her brother Finneas O’Connell. The schooling proved effective and resulted in Eilish being able to pass her high school equivalency test at the age of fifteen.

As children in the house, it was filled with musical instruments as well as other creative ways to communicate, for instance through photography or art.

The only memory Eilish has ever recalled (on the record) of any battle is that of the inability of her family to afford lessons in horse riding as a young girl. She fought the lack of funds by working in the nearby stable, but says she quit her job after other staff who were ‘richer’ did not like her being the “poor girl”.

Things definitely changed and things turned around after Eilish as well as her brothers released and wrote (totally in their own way) her debut track, Ocean Eyes.

At the age of 15 at the time, she released this track at the age of fifteen on Soundcloud and received an overwhelming response. From that point on the response came at an incredible rate and left Eilish with a massive amount of money at her age.

Getting What She Wanted

An interview with Eilish said that she did not want a normal existence. From a young age, she’d always wanted to take a different path away from what’s considered normal.

It is evident that she was always finding fame and fortune engaging in activities like dance, choir singing, and music production as well as songwriting. Collaboration with brother Finneas was what eventually brought her rise to fame when they collaborated for Ocean Eyes and songs beyond that.

The lifestyle Billie Eilish now leads is definitely a far cry from the life she was determined to keep from. At just 18 years old, Eilish had more money than the average teenager could ever imagine, and also an elegant wardrobe, an incredibly powerful kick-ass muscle car as well as an impressive number of top artists on her mobile phone.

Can money buy happiness?

Billie Eilish once claimed during an interview with her father that they had never ever once stated that they loved Billie as well as her younger brother Finneas.

She then explained her struggles with mental disorders, including Tourette as well as depression and synesthesia.

She has filed a complaint several times in discussions about her concerns about being judged based on her appearance and lifestyle. She has certainly been stung by having such a successful career at this young age.

But, despite her accomplishments and the wealth that has been bestowed on her, it appears Billie has generally maintained a very low-key and humble.

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She drives the exact car that she was given by her record label on her 17th birthday (her sole car) She is also very personal with her fans and will offer a bit of time to the media for an open conversation.