Beta-Alanine and Weight Loss; Can It Help?

Weight management; mention it in a gym loaded with fitness enthusiasts, and their faces will tell you all you need to know. Losing a few pounds to fit in your perfect dress could feel like an insurmountable task, especially after days in the gym without noticing desirable changes. It gets worse as you have, in most instances, to forego some of those mouthwatering meals that haunt your dreams. Weight management is not an easy quest, but it is possible if you implement a few proven hacks. Surgery is not a must, a relief for those individuals who turn out to not be good candidates yet can’t wait t shed a few pounds. Proper diet, exercise regimen, and consistency are the keys to effective weight management endeavors; including dietary and pre-workout supplements also helps to enhance the progress.

While thinking about exercise and supplements, beta-alanine tops the list, a popular option for athletes as they endeavor to optimize their bodies and gain a competitive edge. Beta-alanine is known to enhance performance; how can it help me lose weight? Your primary focus is not improving your athletic performance, and as such, you might not see the logic of including beta-alanine in your routine. Nonetheless, it can significantly help as you strive to optimize your workouts to shed as much weight as you need. Let’s look at how beta-alanine supplementation helps in your weight management efforts.

The energy levels

What’s in your diet as you strive to lose weight? In most cases, you have to lower your calorie intake. The calorie deficit, while necessary, also works against you. Carbohydrates provide your body with energy. As such, minimizing the intake lowers your energy levels, making it harder to exercise more as you would if you consumed the carbs. You’ll easily be fatigued as your energy levels deplete fast, and that’ where beta-alanine comes in. the nonessential amino acid acts delivers an energy spike, on average, lasting from 90 to 120 minutes (2 hours). This means that you can go the extra mile as you’ll have the energy to keep exercising and burning fat. The best part is that beta-alanine also contributes to enhanced focus, allowing you to get the most out of the energy spike throughout the session.

No added calories

While including supplements, especially to boost your weight loss endeavors, a significant concern is if it comes with its pack of calories. Improving your energy levels typically means more calories are that’s what fuels your body. You don’t have to worry about extra calories with beta-alanine. You’ll gain more energy, but you won’t have to deal with burning extra calories after the session. Beta-alanine works by facilitating carnosine production, a pH buffer that lowers your muscles’ acidity. This means that you’ll enjoy more endurance as you won’t quickly feel fatigued, helping you keep exercising longer than you would. After the session, you’ll have less energy, so expect to feel more tired than usual. The trick here is to observe your portion. After the session, feeling tired and weak poses a significant problem. You’ll be tempted to eat more, and as you strive to stay on track and lose weight, it is advisable to ensure that you don’t eat more after exercise.

As a pre-workout supplement, beta-alanine helps you to reduce fat and build muscle strength. Including it in your weight management regimen lets you get the training done as you can go the extra mile despite the burn kicking in. this makes it easier to sweat it out, burn more fat, and stay focused on your primary goal. Nonetheless, beta-alanine is not a magic fat burner or weight loss fix. You still have to do the work.

Observing your daily portion shouldn’t be overlooked since you don’t want to overwork your body without replenishing it with the required nutrients for repairs after high-intensity workouts. During workouts, the energy spikes facilitate effective sessions, but you still need your body to be in good shape. You also need to consider the best workouts. There are focused workouts that target particular body areas. Working with an expert to tailor a workout plan matching your needs is advisable, helping you to realize notable progress within a reasonable period. Supplementing with beta-alanine can turn your efforts around, but only if you do it right.

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