Bet You Haven’t Thought Of Using Petroleum Jelly In These 34 Ways

We are not aware that we have something in our houses that will help us do wonders. Take Petroleum Jelly for example. Its major role is to be a lubricant. Some people use it as making their skin softer or something like that.

I’ve never used it. I’ve never felt the need to go and purchase petroleum jelly to do something with it. As it seems, I need to start doing it.

There is so much potential in this mixture of hydrocarbons that it’s impossible how I didn’t know this before.

But, you know how they say, better late than never.

These interesting and life-changing uses of the petroleum jelly will fit right into your life solving many problems.

Before you check what are these ways, you need to make sure you have petroleum jelly in somewhere in your home.

Got it?

Let’s go.

1. Remove Lipstick Stains

lipstik stain

Got some lipstick on clothes by accident or on purpose, no need to throw them away. Blot petroleum jelly on the stain before washing the fabric and the stain will be gone.

2. No More Hair Dye Stains On The Skin


Slick some dabs of Vaseline along your hairline before you dye your hair and the dye will stain the jelly, not your skin.

3. Clean Watermarks From Wood


Water rings are sometimes impossible to remove from wood. However, if you apply petroleum jelly and let it sit overnight, when you wipe it off in the morning the watermark will go away with the jelly.

4. Prevent Self-Tanning Mishaps


Use Vaseline on trouble spots such as ankles, elbows, knees, and wrists before self-tanner application. The ointment will act as a barrier cream on these drier areas and prevent uneven absorption for a more natural-looking glow.

5. Bring The Old Leather Jacket Back To Life


Don’t spend money on expensive leather moisturizer to take care of your favorite leather jacket. The same effect can be achieved with vaseline. Apply, rub it in, wipe off the excess, and you’re ready to go.

6. Open the Nail Polish Bottle With Ease Every Time


Before closing the cap on your nail polish bottle cover the rim of the bottle cap with some vaseline and you’ll never have a sticky bottle cap again.

7. Keep Ants Away From Pet Bowls


No need to buy specialized pet bowls that prevent ants from crawling all over them. Ring the base of the bowl with petroleum jelly and the ants won’t be able to reach the kibble.

8. Deal With Split Ends


Moisturize and mask damage by smoothing a small amount of petroleum jelly over split ends. But be careful! Useing too much will turn your hair into a greasy mess.

9. Mask Doorknobs While Painting


Rub petroleum jelly over any metal surface you don’t want to get painted. It will prevent the paint from sticking, so once you are done you’ll only have to wipe the paint off.

10. Moisturize Feet And Heal Cracked Heels


Before going to bed, rub your feet with petroleum jelly and cover them with socks. You’ll have soft and smooth feet by morning.

11. Protect Stored Chrome


Before storing your bike away for the winter, or any other chrome item or machinery you’re not planning on using for a while, rub it with petroleum jelly to keep it from rusting over.

12. Ease Earring Insertion And Prevent Sore Lobes


If your earring hole closed after not wearing earrings for a while, rubbing the earlobe with vaseline will make putting the studs less painful. Also, if you get sore lobes by wearing certain earrings, rubbing vaseline around the posts before putting them on will solve that problem.

13. Lubricate Cabinets and Windows


Apply petroleum jelly to the window sash channel and cabinet door runners with a small paintbrush and you’ll won’t hear them creak ever again.

14. Stop Squeaky Door Hinges

door hinges

Put petroleum jelly on the hinge pins of the door and your door will never make that frightful squeaking sound again.

15. Prolong The Life Of Your Perfume


Make the fragrance of your perfume last longer by massaging a thin layer of Vaseline on your skin before you spritz your fragrance.

16. Keep An Outdoor Lightbulb From Sticking


Next time you change your outdoor lightbulb apply petroleum jelly to the base of the bulb and you’ll won’t have any trouble unscrewing it when the time comes.

17. No More Messy Manicure


Apply a thin layer of Vaseline to the skin surrounding your nail with a Q-tip, carefully avoiding the nail itself, and you’ll prevent any polish from sticking to the skin.

18. Clear Wax From Candlesticks

Clear wax from candlesticks

Removing a used up candle from the candlestick can get messy, but if you apply some vaseline inside the candle holder before you put the candle, the melted wax afterward will pop right out for easy cleaning.

19. Help Remove Lash Glue


When dealing with some particularly stuck lash strips, smudge some Vaseline into your lash line with a cotton swab. Wait a few minutes and then carefully peel away.

20. Remove Chewing Gum From Wood


Found some gum stuck to a wooden surface. Cover the gum with vaseline, rub it in until the gum starts to disintegrate, then remove with ease.

21. Make Your Own Beauty Products


Petroleum jelly can be used as a base for many homemade beauty products, like makeup remover, lip stain, concealer, brow gel or body scrub, to name a few. See how to make them here.

22. Shine Patent-leather Goods


You’ve got a great pair of patent-leather shoes and a dynamite bag to match. The luster stays longer if you polish the items with petroleum jelly.

23. Protect Sore Nose


A runny nose often gets red and chapped. Dab a bit of Vaseline around your nostrils to add moisture back and prevent sores from spreading.

24. Make Shower Curtains Slide More Easily


Get that shower curtain into place quickly by lubricating the curtain rod with petroleum jelly.

25. Quick And Easy Homemade Makeup For Emergencies


When you don’t have time to go and buy your favorite shade of makeup make it yourself. Add a bit of food coloring to petroleum jelly and apply as usual. This is a quick way to make stopgap blush, lipstick, or eyeshadow.

26. Grease A Baseball Mitt


Soften up a baseball mitt with petroleum jelly. Apply liberal amounts. Work it into the glove, then tie it up with a baseball inside. Do this in the winter, and by the spring, you’ll be ready to take the field.

27. Heal Windburned Skin


Been out in the cold windy weather for too long and got some nice windburns in return. Apply liberal amounts of vaseline to your face or wherever you’ve been chopped. The jelly will moisturize the skin and help relieve the pain. It works on sunburns, too.

28. Prevent Chafing


Apply a small amount of Vaseline to any area that’s prone to chafing to prevent irritation or rashes.

29. Stop Battery Terminal Erosion


To prevent your car battery dying out on the coldest winter day, before winter starts, disconnect the terminals and clean them with a wire brush. Reconnect, then smear with petroleum jelly. The jelly will prevent corrosion and help keep the battery cranking all winter long.

30. Help Prevent Diaper Rash


Ease your baby’s pain and discomfort of a diaper rash by applying a bit of petroleum jelly. The jelly will also set up a protective coat on the skin so the rash can heal. .

31. Get Baby Soft Hands Overnight


Aren’t hand lotions doing much? Massage your hands with a heavier amount of petroleum jelly before going to bed and you’ll have the softest hands ever in the morning. For an even greater effect, wear gloves after you’ve applied the jelly.

32. Remove Stuck Ring From Finger


Apply some petroleum jelly all over the finger the ring is stuck on and the ring will glide right off.

33. Give Your Legs A Sexy Glow


Get that sexy sheen by slicking Vaseline over each shin. To add a sun-kissed glow, you can also mix some petroleum jelly with an old, cracked bronzer and smooth it over your legs.

34. No More Shampoo Tears


Never buy a no=tear shampoo for your baby again. Simply rub a fair amount of vaseline into your baby’s eyebrows. It acts as a protective shield against shampoo running down into his eyes.

I have one word for this: AWESOME!

I’m off to the store to see if they have a stack of this mixture. I need this and I need it now!

Don’t forget to tell your friends about this. They will be thankful!

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