BESTEK M-Care Electric Toothbrush – Could be the Best in 2019

In recent years, the electric toothbrush becomes more and more popular for people to protect oral health. The emergence of electric toothbrush overturns the conventional brush habits and points out a scientific way for people to keep a healthy oral habit. BESTEK toothbrush, named M-Care which aims to care more about your oral health, is such a high-tech item that can help people to protect their oral health and keep a good oral care lifestyle much easily and effectively no matter where they go.

Adjustable 3 Brushing Modes

There is an on/off switch which is also a mode switching button. You can adjust the brushing modes from Standard Mode, Soft Mode, to Whitening Mode according to your personal needs. BESTEK electric toothbrush can automatically remember your last mode settings, so it is easy to press the button and start your customized brushing time in a second.


Features and Applications

Standard Mode

Moderate vibration intensity, suitable for most users, more effective than traditional toothbrushes to remove plaque and food residue, to achieve a clean effect.

Soft Mode

The vibration intensity is small, and it is suitable for children, the elderly, and those with sensitive gums, which can effectively reduce gum bleeding.

Whitening Mode

High vibration intensity, more effective removal of plaque and tartar, continuous use can make teeth brighter.

Smart brushing timer

Different from traditional electric toothbrushes that can only provide 2-minute brushing time by default, BESETK electric toothbrush allows you to set the brush time from 2 mins, 2.5 mins, and 3 mins as you like according to your habits.

Time Setting


2 Mins

The entire brushing cycle is 2 minutes and pauses every 30 seconds.


The entire brushing cycle is 2.5 minutes and pauses every 30 seconds

3 Mins

The entire brushing cycle is 3 minutes and pauses every 30 seconds.

It will also pause every 30 seconds to remind you to switch the brushing areas of your mouth no matter what brushing time you set to help you brush your teeth thoroughly.

Strong Vibrations

Uses advanced Sonic technology, BESTEK electric toothbrush can strike up to 31000 times per minute. It is much faster to produce a genuine cavitational cleaning effect compared with normal electric toothbrushes with only 2,500 – 8,000 strokes per minute. Sonic electric toothbrushes provide a very thorough clean, because not only it cleans the surface of your teeth when it touches it, but also easy to reach areas of your mouth.

Connect with Multi-functional Travel Case

Now there are so many people love traveling all over the world. Many hotels will prepare some disposable toothbrushes and single-use tubes of toothpaste for free. However those one-off items with poor craftsmanship and hygiene status which may easily cause oral injuries. If you plan on traveling you’re probably going to bring a toothbrush with you. Take that into consideration, BESTEK also designed a portable travel case for the electric toothbrushes.

The travel case is designed with only 85g, 263*37*32mm, so it is easy to take and store by your bag or luggage. The brush can be stored in the travel case which is designed with many small air holes to make it dry and clean from the dust. You don’t need to find another plastic or cases to specially store the brushes.

What’s more, the travel case is not only a storage case, but also a wireless charger. Built-in wireless induction charging base, the travel case can charge the electric toothbrush anytime and anywhere by just placing it in the case, and can last more than 3 weeks after a single full charge with built-in a 800mAh lithium battery. The travel case can be charged by any power chargers with USB ports like laptop, power bank, usb charger, etc. Protect your teeth healthy no matter where you go.

Premium Brush Bristles

BESTEK toothbrush is made of the top quality cutting edge innovative synthetic Dupont filaments. This kind of bristles have good elasticity and not too soft or hard, so it is more comfortable for your teeth and won’t hurt or makes your gums bleed.

Moreover, the bristles can change color after 2 or 3 months later to remind you to replace the brush head. The brush head is wave designed with 3D draping that is suitable for various tooth shapes to meet everyone’s needs. It can also provides multi-directional teeth cleaning even for hard-to-reach places like Molars.

Safe and Reliable

Made of high quality food-level PP materials and TPE rubber coatings, and also FDA certification listed, BESTEK electric toothbrushes is safe and reliable to use. The brush head is replaceable and IP67 waterproof. You can remove the head off and clean it directly in water. Moreover, waterproof materials can prevent electricity leakage to keep you safe.

To sum up, BESTEK electric toothbrushes are functional, rechargeable, and portable with a travel case. It could be the best way to help you protect your oral health no matter at home or traveling all over the world.

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